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Creative Nomad
Digital Audio Player
Digital Audio Anywhere
From the leader in PC audio and high-quality
audio solutions, Creative® announces the
NOMAD® digital audio player/voice recorder.
Creative NOMAD supports the latest audio
compression standard, MP3, for exceptional
sound and clarity. Record from your personal CD
collection, download MP3 files from the Internet,
mix your favorite selections, and take them
anywhere – working out, trekking through the
Gobi, or just biking to work. You can also use
NOMAD as a dictaphone to take notes, record a
message to a friend or colleague, and then upload
content directly to your PC. NOMAD also has a
fully functional digital FM tuner to preset your
favorite music or broadcast stations.
The Creative NOMAD digital audio player is a
compact, non-mechanical device for skip-free
continuous playback no matter where you take it.
With a combined 64MB of RAM, the Creative
NOMAD holds 1 hour of CD-quality music (or
more with adjustable bitrate encoding) or 4 hours
of voice-recording. Removable flash memory card
support enables you to upgrade your player in one
step, and allows you to take your favorite content
from music, spoken-word, or broadcast for the
widest variety of digital content without the hassle
of carrying multiple CDs or MiniDiscs. NOMAD is
the most versatile, portable digital audio player on
the market today!
Download MP3 files from the Internet or your
personal CD collection
64MB holds 1 hour of CD-quality music or
4 hours of voice recording
Solid-state digital technology for 100%
skip-free clarity
What You Get with
Creative® Nomad ®
• The ability to record your favorite songs from
your personal CD collection
Package includes:
• Creative® NOMAD® 64MB player
(32MB removable memory card bundled)
• High-quality earphones
• Unlimited access to Internet content
• Installation manual
• Combined 64MB of RAM (32MB onboard/
32MB removable flash memory upgrade)
• 2 AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries
Technical Support
• Docking station
Telephone and facsimile support is
available seven days a week,
8:00 am to 10:00 pm, Central Time.
Weekend hours may vary.
Automated technical support,
Bulletin Board service, and Webbased information are available at 24 hours a
day, seven days a week.
• FM tuner
• AC adapter
• Voice-recording capabilities
• Parallel port cable
• Customize your content with
Environmental Audio (Sound Blaster
Live!™ or Live! Value required)
• Non-mechanical for skip-free, continuous
• Light-weight magnesium casing
• NOMAD installation CD
• MP3 content CD
Nomad Player:
• LCD song title read out
• Docking station to transfer data and
rechargeable batteries
• Size WxHxD: 58x85x17mm
• Weight: 64g without batteries
• Memory: 32MB on board + 32MB
Flash Memory Card
Enhanced MP3 Audio with
Environmental Audio
With Creative’s Sound Blaster Live! card (sold
separately), you can do more than just
download MP3 files from the Internet or CDs.
You have the ultimate flexibility to create your
own unique MP3 compilation with
Environmental Audio presets such as Concert
Hall, Auditorium, and Bathroom.
• Play time:
5 hrs or more with 2x AAA NiMH fully
charged batteries or alkaline batteries
(NiMH batteries recommended)
• Outer case: magnesium
• Signal to Noise Ratio: more than 90dB
• Frequency: 20-20kHz
• Maximum Output: 5mW (headphone)
• Harmonic Distortion Output: -0.1% at 1mW
Docking Station:
• Operating voltage: 9V
• Size WxHxD: 92x50x132mm
• Weight: 165g
• PC connection: Parallel port connector
Nomad Manager
NOMAD Manager is an intuitive, easy-to-use
application that allows you to manage, access,
upload, and download content between the
NOMAD player and the PC.
The Creative Digital
Audio Center by
The Creative Digital Audio Center by
MusicMatch is a special, full-version,
unlimited record and encode edition of
MusicMatch’s latest software. This all-in-one
application allows you to convert .WAV to
.MP3 or record your favorite tracks from your
personal CD collection into MP3 files for
storage and playback on your NOMAD player.
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Minimum System
• Microsoft®
Windows® 95/98
• 100MHz or higher
Pentium® (Pentium II or
better recommended for
MP3 encoding)
• SVGA graphics adapter
(256 colors, 640x480)
• Internet connection for
Internet content
downloading or CDDB
support (any charges
incurred are the
responsibility of the
end user)
• 8MB RAM (16MB
• Available parallel port
• 5MB free hard drive
space (for MP3 content
• Installed Mouse
• Sound Blaster® Live!™ for
Environmental Audio™
effects (MP3 encoding)
• CD-ROM drive with
digital audio extraction
Information Hotline:
BBS: 405.742.6660
Part No. 0430001777 6/99