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Voice over Packet Processor
The AC486xx is an ideal solution for a single T1 or E1 Trunking Gateway, as
well as a building block for high-density, carrier class Voice over IP gateways.
Featuring high channel density, low power consumption and a compact
footprint, the AC486xx enables the building of cost effective, low power
high-density gateways, access devices and routing/switching equipment,
without requiring an external RAM. Field-proven, feature-rich software enables
the rapid development and fast time-to-market of the complete solution.
Deliver Feature-Rich Solution
The AC486xx voice over packet processor combines up to twenty-four channels
of toll quality low bit rate voice compression or forty-eight G.711 channels,
with a G.168-2000 compliant echo canceller, and complete voice band
processing functions in a single device. With configurable tail length of up to
128 msec, the AC486xx delivers an adaptive, state of the art echo canceller.
Field-proven G3 Fax Relay, compliant with the T.38 ASN.1 standard, is a major
enhancement to the AC486xx offering. Other advanced features include
selection of Vocoders on the fly for each channel, dynamic packet size
programming, high quality DTMF/MF R1/MF R2/Call Progress Tones, detection
and generation of user defined tones and Caller ID, silence suppression, and
automatic voice/fax/data discriminator.
Fast Integration with Software Stacks
Independent multi-channel operation
Toll quality voice compression
Robust bandwidth-saving fax relay
No need for external memory
¥ Low per-channel cost and power
¥ Field-proven reference designs
¥ Proprietary evaluation & development tools
The AC486xx is supported by the VoicePacketizer software stack which
enables the processor to create a VoIP-compliant media stream as part of a
Media Gateway entity. The VoicePacketizer is an ANSI-C software stack that
supports the RTP/RTCP protocol. The software stack also provides a simple
API for initialization and configuration of the AC486xx and for run-time call
New IPmedia Features
The AC486xx offers a new set of media processing technologies, such as
fast/slow voice playback, announcements, automatic gain control, energy
detector, answer detector, PCM pattern detector and packet to packet
transcoding. These features enable developers of Media Server Platforms to
exploit AudioCodes' vast experience in the voice over packet market for
significantly shortening their time-to-market.
Benefit from Extensive Experience
AudioCodes is one of the world's leading providers of DSP solutions since
1996. During this period, the company successfully passed numerous
interoperability tests while maintaining high levels of performance. AudioCodes'
commitment to innovation yields consistently high-quality voice processing
products that are feature-rich and field-proven. AudioCodes has deployed
more than 5 million VoP ports to date.
AC486xx Features
Wireline, wireless & cable low bit rate Vocoders
Low power consumption & small footprint
G.168-2000 compliant Echo Canceller
T.38 compliant Fax Relay
In Band Signaling
Caller ID support
IPmedia features
AudioCodedTM Enabling
for Enhanced Voice Services
Software Specifications
Channel Density
Voice Coders
Fax Support
Modem Support
Echo Canceller
Caller ID Detection
and Generation
In-band Signaling
Detection and Generation
Out-of-band Signaling
E&M Sampling Resolution
Input/Output Gain Control
Up to 24 low bit rate
Up to 48 PCM
G.729 A CS-ACELP at 8 kbps
G.729E at 11.8 kbps
G.723.1 MP-MLQ at 6.3 kbps, ACELP at 5.3 kbps
G.727 E-ADPCM at 16-40 kbps
G.726 ADPCM at 16-40 kbps
G.711 PCM (µ/A-law) at 64 kbps
GSM 6.10 FR at 13.2 kbps
NetCoder ® at 6.4-9.6 kbps, 800 bps steps
Optional: G.728 LD-CELP at 16 kbps
GSM-EFR at 12.2 kbps
AMR at 4.75, 5.15, 5.9, 6.7, 7.4, 7.95, 10.2, 12.2 kbps
QCELP8 up to 8.55 kbps & QCELP13 up to 13.3 kbps
EVRC up to 8.55 kbps
Automatic switching
G3 2.4 - 14.4 kbps, T.38 compliant fax relay or automatic switch to PCM
Up to V.92 rates, automatic switch to PCM
G.168-2000 compliant (future G.168-2002)
Programmable 32 msec, 64 msec, 128 msec
Bellcore Type 1 & 2
ETSI Type 1 & 2
NTT Number Display
DTMF (TIA 464B), MFR1,
MFR2, AC15, SS4, SS5,
User Defined and Call Progress tones
CAS ABCD (when connected to Standard Framers)
1 msec
-31dB +31dB, 1.0 dB steps
Hardware Specifications
PCM Interface
Host Port Interface
Power Supply
Digital Interface Levels
Power Consumption
2.048, 4.096 or 8.192 Mbps,
16 bit Bidirectional
+1.6V (core), +3.3V (I/O)
3.3V logic compatible
550 mW (typ)
169 pin BGA
Carrier-class Voice over IP Gateways
Voice over Cable Gateways
Trunking & Access Gateways
Wireless 2.5G & 3G Applications
Multi Service Access Platforms
About AudioCodes
AudioCodes Ltd. (NASDAQ: AUDC) designs,
develops and markets Voice over Packet media
gateway technologies and systems for
converged networks. The company is a market
leader in voice compression technology and
the key originator of the ITU G.723.1 standard
for the emerging Voice over IP market.
AudioCodes' product line includes enabling
technology products such as Voice over Packet
chip processors, VoIP communication boards,
VoIP media gateway modules and CPE devices.
In addition, AudioCodes provides OEMs with
media gateway system solutions for packet
networks in the wireline, wireless, broadband
access and media server markets.
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