Comlinear CLC103
Fast Settling, High Current Wideband Op Amp
General Description
80MHz full-power bandwidth
(20Vpp, 100Ω)
200mA output current
0.4% settling in 10ns
600V/µs slew rate
4ns rise and fall times (20V)
Coaxial line driving
DAC current to voltage amplifier
Flash A to D
Baseband and video communications
Radar and IF processors
Comlinear CLC103
Fast Settling, High Current Wideband Op Amp
August 1996
The CLC103 is constructed using thin film resistor/bipolar transistor
technology, and is available in two versions:
-25°C to +85°C
-55°C to +125°C
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24-pin ceramic DIP
24-pin ceramic DIP,
MIL-STD-883, Level B
CLC103 Electrical Characteristics (AV = +20, Vcc = +15V, RL = 100Ω unless specified)
Min/max ratings are based on product characterization and simulation. Individual parameters are tested as noted. Outgoing quality levels are
determined from tested parameters.
CLC103 Typical Performance Characteristics ( Av = +20, Vcc = ±15V, RL = 100W;
unless specified)
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Comlinear CLC103
Fast Settling, Hi9h Current Wideband Op Amps
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