Analog Technologies
High Stability Miniature Thermistor
Nominal Resistance @ 25°C:
B Value @ 25°C /85°C:
B Value @ 0°C /100°C:
B Value @ 25°C /100°C:
Thermistor Diameter:
Thermistor Length:
Lead Diameter:
Lead Length:
Dissipation Factor:
Heat Capacity:
Maximum Power @ 25°C:
Glass Encapsulated for Long Term Stability & Reliability
High Stability: <0.1°C/Y
Small Size: φ0.8mm×1.4mm
High Resistance Accuracy: 1%
Quick Response Time: 3s
Wide Temp. Range: −55°C to 250°C
10K ± 1%
3480K ± 1%
3450K ± 1%
3497K ± 1%
0.8 ± 0.1mm
1.4 ± 0.4mm
63 ± 3mm
Drill a hole on the object for which the temperature needs to
be measured and use thermally conductive epoxy to pot the
thermistor inside the hole. The hole diameter should be
between 1.2 to 1.4mm and the depth should between 2 to
2.5mm. When a deeper hole is needed, drill a 2 stage hole to
prevent mounting epoxy bobbles trapped inside which would
cause temperature measurement errors. Figure 2 shows the
section view of the 2 stage hole.
Thermal Conductive Epoxy
3 – 5 mm
2 – 2.5 mm
Temperature sensing for laser diodes, optical components, etc.
The ATH10KR8 is a high precision glass encapsulated
thermistor. Comparing with conventional epoxy encapsulated
thermistors, ATH10KR8 presents higher long term stability
and wider temperature range. In addition, it has a small size
and short response time.
The ATH10KR8 can be used to measure the temperatures for
laser diodes, optical components, etc., with high accuracy and
long term stability.
1.2 – 1.5 mm
Figure 2 Section View of the 2 Stage Hole
The worst mounting result is that there are air bubbles
trapped inside the thermistor mounting hole. These bubbles
cause thermal sensing time delay and sensing temperature
errors. To avoid the bubbles, use thin epoxy, vibrate the
assembly before curing, and cure the epoxy inside the
mounting hole at high temperature, 80°C to 150°C,
depending on the epoxy used and the maximum temperature
assembly components allow.
The thermistor lead wires are made of plain copper and there
is no insulation coating on them, please make sure that they
do not touch each other after mounting the thermistor.
Some thermal conductive epoxies are also electrically
conductive and such epoxies should not be used for mounting
the thermistors, since the lead wires are conductive.
Bare copper wire
Figure 1 Side View of ATH10KR8
Part number: ATH10KR8
10 - 49
50 - 249
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Analog Technologies
High Stability Miniature Thermistor
Resistance Temperature Characteristics
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