Agilent HPFC-5400 Tachyon DX2
Dual Channel Fibre Channel IC
Product Overview
• 4K on chip boot RAM
• Supports fabric, point-to-point
(N_Port) and loop (Public and Private)
• Optional external boot ROM/Flash
(128K Bytes)
• Eight full-frame inbound buffers and
four full-frame outbound buffers per FC
Product Description
The Tachyon DX2 is a highperformance PCI/PCI-X native
dual 1 and 2 gigabit/sec Fibre
Channel controller for host bus
adapters and embedded subsystems.
DX2 is the fourth member of the
Agilent Technologies family of
Fibre Channel interface controllers. It provides the performance
enhancing features of PCI-X and
is a single chip solution that
offers the most economical
component cost savings.
The DX2 interfaces directly to an
industry standard PCI/PCI-X
bus. Each channel can be independently configured to use
either an HSPI-compatible 10-bit
external SERDES or to use the
internal SERDES.
• Embedded subsystems
• Disk arrays
• SCSI bridge
• High performance host bus adapters
• Dual channel Fibre Channel operation
on one chip for the lowest overall FC
solution costs
• Full duplex operation for each channel
• Concurrent for each dual channel
operation at full link rate
• 1 and 2 gigabit Fibre Channel operation
support via internal transceivers or
external HSPI-compatible transceivers
• Dual function industry standard
33/66 MHz PCI or 66/100/133 MHz
PCI-X backplane interface with 32/64
bit support
• 3.3V PCI/PCI-X I/O
• Compliance to PCI Local bus Specification, Rev 2.2
• MSI (Message Signaled Interrupt)
• Compliance to PCI-X Addendum,
Rev 1.0A
• PCI/PCI-X hot plug compatible
• Output impedance control on PCI-X
I/O for point-to-point or multi-point
• Eight GPIO pins per channel
• Loss of signal indication (per channel)
during internal serdes mode
• Multiple split read transaction support
on PCI-X
• No external SRAM required for
• State machine processing of inbound
and outbound data
• Fully assisted Class 2 and Class 3 FCP
with simultaneous initiator and target
• Provision to support auto-speed
negotiation in TSDK software
• Full byte-level parity protection on
internal data path and RAM
• Backwards compatible to Tachyon XL2
programming interface
• Supports ACK_0 and ACK_1 models in
• Complete sequence segmentation and
reassembly done in hardware
• 64-bit addressing (44/45 bits per
Length/Address pair)
• Mechanisms to reduce number of
interrupts generated by the adapter to
help reduce the software overhead
required to support the adapter
• Frame payload size up to 2048 bytes
• Loop map, broadcast, directed reset
and bypass support
• Non-zero login BB_Credit support
• Compliance with FC-AL-2 ANSI
• Compliance with Hardware Design
Guide for Microsoft Windows NT
Server, Version 2.0
• Compatible with ACPI/Power
Management Specification
• Minimal board space required
Tachyon DX2 Architecture
The Tachyon DX2 advances the
Tachyon XL2 architecture, providing a complete hardware-based
solution in a dual channel Fibre
Channel device. The DX2 offers full
duplex capability within each
channel as well as full performance.
32-Bit/64-Bit PCI
(16-66 MHz)
32-Bit/64-Bit PCI-X
(66-133 MHz)
FC Link
FC Link
FC Loop
Mass Storage Device
In addition, the DX2 has numerous
independent functional blocks
which concurrently process
inbound data, outbound data,
control and commands in hardware. This results in the lowest
latency and highest performance in
a multi-function device.
32-Bit/64-Bit PCI
(16-66 MHz)
32-Bit/64-Bit PCI-X
(66-133 MHz)
Figure 1.
Typical Subsystem Application
Figure 1 shows DX2 in an optional
high-performance configuration.
10-Bit HSPI
FC Link #1
FC Link #2
In this example, the DX2 chips interface with main memory cache through
33/66 MHz PCI or 66/100/133 MHz
PCI-X backplane, with 32/64-bit
support in either mode.
Host Bus Adapter Example
Figure 2 shows an example of a
DX2 on a generic host bus adapter.
On the backplane, the DX2 interfaces directly to an industry
standard 33/66 MHz PCI or
66/100/133 MHz PCI-X bus. On the
frontplane, each channel can be
independently configured to use
either an HSPI-compatible 10-bit
external SERDES or an integrated
The onboard optional boot
ROM/Flash ROM is connected
directly to the DX2 chip.
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April 28, 2003
32-Bit/64-Bit PCI
(16-66 MHz)
32-Bit/64-Bit PCI-X
(66-133 MHz)
Figure 2.
The DX2 chips interface between
the mass storage devices on the
Fibre Channel loops, the main
memory of the subsystem and the