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Solderless LED Socket, Type CM
Tyco Electronics’ Solderless LED Socket, Type CM provides a solderless quick termination
to the 1500 lumen output Cree XLamp® MP-L™ LED. This solderless termination technique
facilitates easy integration of the LED into the end customer’s lighting fixtures with simple
screw-down installation. Multiple versions are offered to provide application flexibility. To
further enhance functionality to the fixture manufacturer, the socket also features integral,
robust, snap attachment of LEDIL Tyra series reflector optics.
• Solderless termination to the
Cree XLamp MP-L LED
• Fast, rapid termination and assembly
– eliminates hand soldering wires to
the MPL 0.70mm x 0.85mm pads
• Offered in separable board
termination and wire termination
• Snap-on optics assembly using
LEDIL’s Tyra series reflector optics
*Cree and XLamp are registrations and MP-L is a trademark of Cree, Inc.
• Commercial and residential Lighting Fixtures
• Integrated custom lighting
Solderless LED
Socket, Type CM
Operating current: 500mA
Operating voltage: 30VDC
Dielectric withstanding voltage: 500 VDC
Select silver plated contact interface to Cree XLamp MP-L LED
6 line termination in both wire and board termination versions
Secure attachment to substrate using three standard #4 or M3 screws
Wire version incorporates 6 position AMP Mini CT header
Low profile- <3 mm height around the dome (w/o latches) and 5.20 mm high at
the connector interface
Digital Signage
Housings: 94 V0 rated high temperature resistant thermoplastic
Street & Stadium
• Base material copper alloy • Silver plated interface to Cree XLamp MP-L LED
• Tin plated interface to AMP Mini CT or to PCB
Product Specification 108-2439
Application specification 114-13281
Tyco Electronics I Solderless LED
Socket, Type CM
Solderless LED
Socket, Type CM
Product offerings
LED to Wire, w/o Optics Latch
LED to Wire, w/ Optics Latch
LED to Board, w/o Optics Latch
LED to Board, w/ Optics Latch
LED to Inverted Wire, w/o Optics Latch
LED to Inverted Wire, w/ Optics Latch
AMP Mini CT, 6 position Cable Assembly
Questions to ask at design in
Is the customer looking at or is the customer using the Cree XLamp
MP-L LED? If yes, what is the application and how is the customer
terminating to the pads on the top of the Cree XLamp MP-L LED?
The Solderless LED Socket Type CM offers a solderless termination to
the pads on the top of the socket and offers an ideal alternative to hand
soldering wires onto very small pads spaced on 1.25 mm centerlines.
How do I decide which socket to use?
This is entirely dependent on the customers application. In such
instances where the Cree XLamp MP-L LED is mounted to a circuit
board, it often makes sense for the customer to also mount driver
circuitry onto the same circuit board. The board mount socket can
then be used to connect the Cree XLamp MP-L LED to the PCB
and thereby to the driver circuitry on the board. Another remote
connector (AMP Mini CT, micro MATE-N-LOK, HPI connectors or the
like) is then used to provide power to the board.
The Cree XLamp MP-L LED can also be thermally epoxied directly
to a heat sink. If this is the avenue the customer is using, then one
of the wire mount versions is best. The inverted wire version can
be used where the customer has the option to allow for connector
access within the heat sink and offers the most compact installation
option. In instances where the customer has room or can not provide
connector access within the heat sink, the horizontal wire mount is
used since it allows easy access to the connection from the LED side
of the assembly.
The Cree XLamp MP-L LED employs three parallel strings of
LEDs and therefore requires three circuits hence the need for
6 connections. Each LED circuit is nominally 25VDC at 150mA
which is well within the 50VDC voltage rating of the AMP Mini CT
connector. Can the customer serially connect the three strings at
75VDC rather than run them in parallel?
This is not recommended since the resulting 75VDC drop across the
LED exceeds the 50VDC rating of the AMP Mini CT connector.
Is special application tooling required?
Not typically although when thermally epoxying the Cree XLamp
MP-L LED directly to the heat sink, a fixture is recommended to
ensure the LED is properly located to the socket mounting holes in
the heat sink.
Do I need to epoxy the Cree XLamp MP-L LED to the heat sink or
can I just use thermal grease or solid thermal pad as the interface
TE does not recommend thermal grease or thermal pads with the
SolderlessLED Socket, Type CM as the socket is not designed to
provide the normal force to the grease/pad required for optimal
thermal performance.
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