Product Number:
WirelessUSB(TM) Manufacturing Test Kit
The CY3631 WirelessUSB(TM) Manufacturing Test Kit (MTK) is an automated
platform that enables customers to quickly test their WirelessUSB-enabled products
without the need for expensive RF test equipment. An efficient, cost-effective
methodology to reduce defect rate and enhance end-customer satisfaction, the MTK
provides developers with the necessary intellectual property and a portion of the
hardware to test wireless devices, without needing any prior radio experience.
The MTK allows developers to seamlessly conduct testing in a manufacturing
environment. The kit is designed to be integrated into the test flow and simulate a limitof-operation condition using shielded Test Fixture and enclosure, preventing interference
between multiple units that may be on the test floor simultaneously.
An industry's first, the CY3631 takes the headaches out of RF fabrication, improves
manufacturing productivity, and ensures outgoing quality.
Hardware Description:
The MTK contains the following items:
MTK Test Fixture
12" SMA to SMA coaxial cable
24" SMA to SMA coaxial cable
SMA-F to SMA-F adapter
(6) Fixed 50 ohm attenuators, various values
SMA 2.4GHz antenna
Power supply transformer
CD-ROM with firmware source and documentation
Not included but required for use are the Device Under Test (DUT) and an anechoic RF
test chamber, sized appropriately for the DUT, with SMA pass-through connectors.
Optional, not included, equipment includes:
A variable 50-ohm attenuator for calibration
An SMA torque wrench
A computer to download configuration and/or test start commands and,
optionally, log test results
An RS-232 serial cable or USB-to-serial adapter cable for connecting the
computer to the 9-pin D connector of the MTK Test Fixture