ETC 1207-0446-05-P1

Power Module Controlled Power Supply
The ST 70 requires the use of a Power Module. The Power Module selects the desired performance
level for operation. The ST 70 comes standard with three Power Modules, Performance Levels 6.5, 7,
& 7.5. Additional Power Modules are available in heat levels of 5, 5.5, 6, 8, and 8.5. A heat level of 5
corresponds to a nominal temperature of 500 °F; a heat level of 6.5 corresponds to a temperature of
650 °F, etc. Actual measured temperatures on the surface of the tip may vary due to tip geometry.
If the power is turned on while a Power Module is not installed, or if the Power Module is removed
during operation, the system will turn itself off and the LED indicator light on the front panel will turn
red. To operate the unit, please make sure the set-up procedure has been followed, then follow the
procedure below.
Install the desired tip heater cartridge or tip.
Install the desired Power Module into the Power Port on the front of the unit.
The LED indicator will turn amber while the tip is heating to the desired performance level.
Once the tip has reached the desired heat level, the LED indicator will turn green and the
system is ready to use.
Auto-Setback and Auto-Off Features
The ST 70 system comes standard with Auto-Setback and Auto-Off Features. These are preprogrammed for 30 minute Setback and 30 minute Auto Off, which can be turned off by the switch on
the back of the unit. When Setback mode has been entered, the performance level will be adjusted
to 3.5.
Power Module Controlled LED Operation
The colored LED on the power source front panel indicates Power Receptacle output status.
LED Amber to Green - This condition is evident when the system is first powered up (handpiece
heater cold).
LED Green - Handpiece tip has reached set temperature.
LED Red - Indicates an open sensor. Handpiece, Tip Heater Cartridge or power module has
been removed.
LED Off – System is in auto-off mode or no power is being delivered to the handpiece heater. If
the LED never illuminates, check for a faulty handpiece or tip heater cartridge.
LED in Set back- The LED will be Amber or Green depending on the color when it entered
Setback, or Auto Off.
Replacement Power Modules
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PACE Power Modules
Part Number
Series Nominal Temp
1207-0446-01-P1 Green
260 ºC (500 °F)
1207-0446-02-P1 Turquoise 5.5
288 ºC (550 °F)
1207-0446-03-P1 Orange
316 ºC (600 °F)
1207-0446-04-P1 Gold
343 ºC (650 °F)
1207-0446-05-P1 Red
371 ºC (700 °F)
1207-0446-06-P1 Violet
399 ºC (750 °F)
1207-0446-07-P1 Black
427 ºC (800 °F)
1207-0446-08-P1 Silver
454 ºC (850 °F)
*Note: Each ST-70 system includes (1) each
6.5, 7.0, & 7.5 power modules
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