This product is a tool that cleaves optical fiber. The CT-20 series is the
successor of CT-04 series. Great improvement in operation is achieved with the
same good performance as CT-04 series. In addition, fiber scrap collector (FC-01)
and counter (NC-01) are newly introduced. These new improvements shorten
operation time and lead to smooth operation flow.
Table 1 shows specifications of CT-20 series. Fig. 1 shows appearance of CT-20.
New Products
New High Precision Fiber
Cleaver CT-20 Series
1. Easy one-action cleaving
The CT-20 series cleaves fiber by 1 action. (The CT-04 requires 3 actions to
cleave a fiber.)
2. Longer blade life
Blade for CT-20 lasts 4times longer that for CT-04 series whit a new
3. Applicable up to 24-fiber ribbon cleaving
The CT-20 series cleaves single fiber up to 24-fiber ribbon. (The CT-04 series
is maximum 12-fiber ribbon.)
4. Optional fiber scrap collector
Fiber disposals can be collected by fiber scrap collector by 1 action after
fiber cleaving operation.
5. Optional counter
Cleaving number of times can be counted by the optional counter.
Table 1. Specifications of CT-20 Series
Applicable optical fiber
Silica optical fiber
Up to 24-fiber ribbon
Bare fiber diameter
80 or 125 microns nominal
Cleaving length (single fiber)
6 to 20 mm depend on fiber holder / fiber plate
Cleaving length (fiber ribbon)
10 mm
Dimensions (W×D×H)
110×76×49 mm
(110×117×49 including fiber collector)
370 g (460g including fiber collector)
Fiber scrap collector, counter
Counter (NC-01)
Fiber scrap collector (FC-01)
Fig. 1. Appearance of CT-20 with Fiber Scrap Collector and Counter.
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