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MS-95, MS95-T
Addressable Manual Pull Station
The Gamewell-FCI MS-95/MS-95T Addressable Manual
Pull Station is a non-coded, single-action, manual pull station with a key-lock reset feature. Its rugged toggle switch
design offers exceptional resistance to accidental alarms
caused by a sudden vibration or shock. The MS-95 can be
used for surface and semi-flush installations. It is compatible with the following Gamewell-FCI addressable fire alarm
control panels (FACPs).
• 600 Series, IdentiFlex 602
• E3 Series®, ILI95-E3 Series
• S3 Series, SLC95-PM
The MS-95/MS-95T are approved to UL® Standard 38 for
manual pull stations that comply with the architectural
requirements in all building interiors, and is readily accessible in a fire emergency. In addition, the pull stations meet
the following American with Disabilities Act (ADA), AG
Controls and Operating Mechanisms Guidelines
(Section 4.1.3).
• 5 lb. (2 kg.) maximum pull force.
• Mounting installation height of 4 ft. (1.2m), (42” (106.48 cm)
min. to 48” (121.92 cm) max. off the center).
To activate the manual pull station, press the lever
(marked, “PUSH”) inward. Then, pull the handle (marked,
“PULL”) downward until the handle locks into place. After
the handle is pulled, this lever locks-in the alarm position
and remains there until it is manually reset.
To reset the alarm lever and release the front cover of the
pull station, insert and turn the key on the front of the pull
station. This action unlocks the front cover and lowers the
cover. After the front cover is lowered, the toggle switch is
An optional breakglass rod may be used with all pull stations. The self-clearing design prevents jamming of the
station and there is no danger to the operator from broken
particles of glass. Space is provided within the station
housing for storage of an additional replacement glass rod.
The MS-95 connects directly to the analog addressable circuit via two wires. The electronic circuitry has been
designed to transmit data that can be interpreted as the
following three output operations:
• normal standby operation
• alarm operation
• trouble operation
In its standby mode of operation, the pull station’s circuit
monitors the switch for alarm conditions. A trouble condition occurs when the pull station is addressed by the control panel and either reports back a trouble response or
does not respond at all. With the standard priority interrupt
feature, the MS-95 will report its condition instantly to the
Gamewell-FCI FACP.
• Complies with UL® Standard 38
• Meets ADA AG Controls and Operating Mechanisms
Guidelines requirements for a 5 lb. pull force and
complies with the 4 ft. (1.2m) mounting height
• Compatible with the following Gamewell-FCI,
addressable fire alarm control panels (FACP):
- 600 Series, IdentiFlex 602
- E3 Series®, ILI95-E3 Series
- S3 Series, SLC95-PM
• Constructed of durable die-cast metal
• Designed for use as a compact unit that blends with the
• Contains a recessed pull lever that prevents accidental
• Includes a key reset option
• Used for surface or semi-flush installations
• Shows a visible status LED
• Provides field programming
• Offers both wire and terminal block, single action
• Available in the terminal block model (MS-95T)
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To program the MS-95 manual pull station to the address
switch settings, set the address DIP switch on the device’s
printed circuit board. All other programming is accomplished at the fire alarm control panel.
Engineer’s Specifications
The analog addressable manual pull station shall contain
the electronic interface circuitry required for individual
device identification, alarm reporting and trouble supervision. It shall communicate to the main control panel via the
analog addressable circuit. The single-action station shall
consist of a die-cast aluminum housing fitted with a pull out
lever which, when operated, locks in position after activating an alarm initiating contact.
Standby Current:
Alarm Current:
Relative Humidity:
MS-95 with key reset
Surface Backbox
P/N: 28762:
Surface Backbox
P/N: 71961:
Ordering Information
Part Number
Analog addressable manual pull station
Analog addressable manual pull station
with terminals
Double action option
Key reset option
Key reset/double action option
Breakglass rod
Surface backbox
Weather proof gasket for MS-95 station
NYC manual station backplate with
1" (2.54 cm) white stripe
Backbox, surface for key reset options
0.0008 A (0.8 mA)
0.0015 A (1.5 mA)
32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
93%, non-condensing
24 VDC
Die-cast aluminum
Fire alarm red, smooth gloss
Raised cast letters are highlighted.
Target background for pull lever
is white glossed enamel
4.75" H x 3.25" W x 1 1/8" D
(from the backplate)
(10.79 H x 8.25 W x 2.99 D cm)
4.75" H x 3.25" W x 1 1/8" D
(from the backplate)
(10.79 H x 8.25 W x 2.99 cm)
6.25" H x 3.25" W x 2.0" D (from
backplate) with Cat 60 Key
(15.88 H x 8.25 W x 5.08 D cm)
4.625" H x 3.25" W 2.375" D
tapped for 3/4" (1.9 cm) conduit
(11.75 H x 8.25 W x 6.03 D cm)
6.25" H x 3.0" W x 3.25" D
(15.88 H x 7.6 W x 8.25 D cm)
12 Clintonville Road, Northford, CT 06472-1610 USA • Tel: (203) 484-7161 • Fax: (203) 484-7118
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