7100 Series

7100 Series
Compact Analog Addressable
Fire Alarm Control Panel
The Gamewell-FCI 7100 Series fire alarm control panel is a
multi processor-based, analog addressable system. The
control panel is a compact, yet expandable, platform.
Intended for commercial, industrial and institutional installations, the 7100 Series is ideal for life safety and property
protection fire alarm applications.
The basic 7100 Series control panel provides one or two
analog addressable Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs). Each
SLC supports up to 99 analog addressable sensors, as
well as supporting up to 98 addressable monitor modules
and/or control points. There are 197 addresses available
on the 7100-1 and there are 394 addresses available on
the 7100-2. The 7100 uses an advanced protocol that
ensures an almost instant response to events while at the
same time suppressing nuisance alarms.
7100 Series
The system may be programmed with either the
Windows®-based Field Configuration Program (FCP-7100)
or configured through a comprehensive set of intuitive,
secure password-protected, front-panel programming
options. This important feature allows the system to quickly
adapt to any future requirements due to changes in occupancies, building remodels, or other contingencies.
The sophisticated circuitry and powerful analog software
enables the 7100 Series fire alarm control panel to read the
specific sensitivity level of each sensor and compensate for
changes due to age, dust accumulation or other environmental factors. The 7100 incorporates the Gamewell-FCI
Listed Integrated Sensitivity Testing (LIST) which meets
NFPA 72 sensitivity testing and maintenance requirements.
The LIST testing allows substantial savings in both maintenance and service while eliminating nuisance alarms.
The Model 7100-1D and 2D features an integral Digital
Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) with all popular
transmission formats and a 16-digit telephone number
field. It is 8-digit Carrier Information Code (CIC) compliant
and also prevents “dialer-runaway” in the event of intermittent system faults. The 7100-1D and 2D are UL Listed for
Microsoft® Word® is a registered trademark of Microsoft® Corporation.
UL® is a registered trademark of Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc.
Listed under ANSI/UL® Standard 864 9th Edition.
IBC Seismic Certified.
120 or 240 VAC (optional) input line voltage.
Front panel programming with day/night sensitivity
80-character alpha-numeric display.
One or two Style 4 (Class “B”) signaling line circuits.
Style 6 (Class “A”) with optional CAOM Module.
Two Style Y (Class “B”) regulated notification appliance
circuits rated for 1.5 amp each. Style Z (Class “A”) with
optional CAOM Module.
FM/UL® Listed for Pre-action/Deluge with optional
MCOM Module.
Periodic trouble reminder.
Individual sensor drift compensation.
Dual-stage maintenance alerts (“dirty” and “very dirty”).
Multilevel sensor sensitivity adjustments (front panel
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6911-1703:0116 (Non-High Rise) Reference
S1869 3003549 FDNY
COA #s 307-99-E 6911-1703:0118 (High Rise)
7300-1703:0106 (LCD-7100)
of Compliance
307-99-E Vol. II 7300-1703:0111 (LDM-7100) VMA-45894-02C
(Revision 1)
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Specifications are for information only, are not intended for installation purposes, and are subject to change without notice. No responsibility is assumed by Gamewell-FCI for their use.
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Description (Continued)
Features (Continued)
Remote Station, Proprietary, and Central Station fire alarm
systems. It allows ample space for wiring and room for batteries up to 12 A/H capacity.
Optional Accessories
The LCD-7100 remote serial display offers an 80-character
alphanumeric readout for the remote display of all system
events. It duplicates all the information on the 7100 Series
panel display and provides key switch protected functions
such as System Reset, Alarm Acknowledge, Trouble
Acknowledge, Signal Silence, and Drill Test.
LEDs on the LCD-7100 indicate Alarm, Supervisory, System Trouble, Power Fault, Systems Silenced, NAC#1, and
NAC#2 Silenced conditions.
The LCD-7100 can be surface or semi-flush mounted on a
standard four-gang electrical box. It can be installed up to
4,000 feet (1,219 m) from the main control panel. The 7100
Series fire alarm control panel supports up to five remote
LCD-7100 annunciators using one pair of twisted, nonshielded 18 AWG min. wire or serial communication and
uses another pair of 16 AWG min. for operating voltage.
(For additional information, refer to the LCD-7100 data
sheet, Part Number: 9020-0486).
The RAN-7100 maintains the same character display as
the 7100 Series. The RAN-7100 is mounted in a RAN2-BB
backbox for surface or flush mounting retrofits.
(For additional information, refer to the Gamewell Retrofit
Kits Data Sheet, P/N: 9020-60678).
The LED Driver Module (LDM-7100) is designed to mount
in a UL Listed remote annunciator and provides outputs for
remote panel switches and thirty-three remote LEDs. Three
LDM-7100 modules may be installed in a single annunciator for a total of 99 LEDs per annunciator. This combination
may be repeated up to five times for a total of fifteen, LDM7100 panels installed at up to five different locations. Maximum distances of up to 4,000 feet (1,219 m) can be
achieved using one pair of twisted, non-shielded wire for
serial communication and using another pair of straight-lay
wire for operating voltage. (For additional information, refer
to the LDM-7100 data sheet, Part Number: 9020-0519).
• Alarm verification per individual sensor.
• Positive alarm sequence for sensors or monitor
• Four levels of system access using six digit passwords
with up to five user passwords per Level.
• Duplicate and extra address indications.
• March time (60 or 120 BPM)/temporal pattern/coded
fours/California Code/user-defined zone coding.
• Cross zoning.
• System configuration programming and 280 event log
stored in non-volatile memory.
• Fan restart with sequential restart delay.
• Upload/download of panel configuration between panel
and FCP-7100 program (password protected feature).
Up to 64, 7100 panels in the E3 Broadband network with
an optional INI-7100 Module.
The Municipal Connection Option Module (MCOM) provides three choices of outputs. It can be configured as a
Municipal Circuit (City Box) output. It may also be set to
serve as a Reverse Polarity output with a nominal voltage
output of 24 VDC at 0.012 amp maximum alarm and supervisory current. The MCOM’s third option provides a releasing solenoid output rated at:
• 24 VDC nominal voltage.
• 0.005 amp supervisory current.
• 0.710 amp maximum alarm current.
• 2 ohms maximum line resistance.
The Printer Transient Module (PTRM) provides RS-232
Isolator/Transient protection for the 7100’s RS-232 port
(BSM connector J2). It is used in conjunction with a serial
printer applied to the RS-232 port for permanent record
The Intelligent Network Interface Module allows the 7100
Series fire alarm control panel to become the platform of a
peer-to-peer, token ring, self-regenerative network comprised of up to 64, 7100 panels.
The Class “A” Optional Module (CAOM) allows Style Y and
Z (Class “B” and “A”) operation for both Notification Appliance Circuits and allows Style 4 and 6 (Class “B” and “A”)
for both Signaling Line Circuits. It also provides disconnect
switches for each signaling line circuit and a common disconnect switch for both notification appliance circuits.
12 Clintonville Road, Northford, CT 06472-1610 USA • Tel: (203) 484-7161 • Fax: (203) 484-7118
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Ordering Information (Continued)
Primary Input Power
Optional Modules
120 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 2.0 amps.
or 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 1.0 amp
Output Power
3.335 amps. @ 24 VDC (total)
Non-resettable Power: 1.0 amp max.
Resettable Power:
1.0 amp max.
1.0 amp max. from both circuits
Two (2) Notification
Appliance Circuits:
1.5 amp each @ 24 VDC
7100-1 (One SLC)
0.065 amp
0.085 amp
0.075 amp
0.095 amp
(One SLC w/DACT)
7100-2 (Two SLC)
0.065 amp
0.085 amp
0.085 amp
0.105 amp
(Two SLC w/DACT)
0.050 amp
0.075 amp
0.035 amp
0.200 amp
(All LEDs lit)
0.040 amp
0.040 amp
32° - 120° F (0° - 49° C)
Relative Humidity:
93 % (non-condensing)
Battery Charger
31 A/H (Cabinet accommodates
12 A/H size batteries)
Alarm & Trouble
Relay Contacts:
Form “C”, 2 amps. @ 24 VDC
7100 Addressable FACP, 1 SLC
mounted in 7100-CAB enclosure, red
7100 Addressable FACP w/DACT,
One SLC mounted in 7100-CAB
enclosure, red
Basic Kits
Basic System Kit, 2 SLC
(BSM, Keypad Display, Transformer)
Basic System Kit w/DACT, 2 SLC
Basic System Kit, 2 SLC, 240 VAC
Basic System Kit w/DACT, 2 SLC,
240 VAC
7100-Slim (Narrow Enclosure, red)
14.09” W x 20.1” H x 4.55” D
(35.8 W x 54.61 H x 11.55 D cm) Enclosure
Enclosure, E3 Series Broadband,
black Enclosure
E3 Series Broadband, red
19 3/8” H x 19 3/8” W x 4” D
(49 H x 49 W x 10 D cm)
Remote Serial Annunciator, LCD
Display (80-character).
4.25” H x 8.25” W x 1.90”
(43 H x 37 W x 7.7 D cm)
Remote Series Annunciator, LCD
Display (80-character).
10” W x 5 1/4” H x 2 7/16” D
(25 1/4 W x 13 1/3 H x 6 9/10 D cm)
Remote LED Driver Module
6” W x 4.50” (15.2 x 11.4 cm)
Class A Option Combination Module
with disconnect switches for both
signaling line circuits and notification
appliance circuits.
Municipal Connection Option Module
for local energy city box reverse polarity signaling, or releasing solenoid.
Printer Transient Module.
Intelligent Network Interface Module,
Intelligent Network Interface Module,
Unshielded, Twisted-Pair.
Replacement Parts
Ordering Information
Part Number
Part Number
Transformer, 120 VAC input
Transformer, 240 VAC input
Replacement board for 7100-1
Replacement board for 7100-1D
Seismic Battery Bracket Kits
Part Number Description
7100-Slim 7 A/H Seismic Battery Bracket kit
E3 B-Slim 7 A/H Seismic Battery Bracket Kit
7100-Slim 12 A/H Seismic Battery
Bracket Kit
E3 B-Slim 12 A/H Seismic Battery Bracket
NetSOLO 7100 7 A/H Seismic
Battery Bracket Kit
For additional information on the Seismic Battery Brackets,
refer to the following documents:
• Seismic Battery Bracket Installation Guide, P/N: 53839
• E3 Series Cabinets Data Sheet, P/N: 9020-0649
12 Clintonville Road, Northford, CT 06472-1610 USA • Tel: (203) 484-7161 • Fax: (203) 484-7118
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