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Velociti® Series
Multi-Mod Ten
Input Monitor Module
The Gamewell-FCI Velociti® Series, multi-mod ten input
monitor module (MMI-10F) provides ten (10), Style B
(Class B) or five (5), Style D (Class A) supervised initiating
device circuits (IDCs) suitable for a wide range of monitoring applications.
The Velociti Series use a communication protocol that
substantially increases the speed of communication
between the sensors and certain Gamewell-FCI analog
addressable fire alarm controls. These devices operate in
a grouped fashion. If one of the devices in the group has a
status change, the panel’s microprocessor stops the group
poll and concentrates on the single device. The net effect
is response speed up to five times greater than earlier
Each supervised circuit may be connected to any normally
open contact device such as manual stations, tamper and
supervisory switches, waterflow switches, heat detectors,
4-wire smoke sensors, etc.
The MMI-10F connects to the signaling line circuits (SLC)
of the Gamewell-FCI analog addressable series fire alarm
control panels. Each of the MMI-10F circuits occupies its
own address on the system’s SLC allowing each to be
fully programmable in its control-by-event sequence of
The address of the first circuit is set with a pair of rotary
dials. Each remaining circuit is automatically assigned to
its own subsequent address. The MMI-10F module
includes an address disable jumper matrix that allows a
maximum of two unused addresses to be turned off to free
these addresses for other purposes. An additional jumper
setting selects either Style B or Style D circuit configurations.
Each circuit has its own status LED that flashes to indicate
proper polling and lights steadily when the output has
been activated.
• Each MMI-10F monitor module provides ten (10), Style
B (Class B) or five (5), Style D (Class A) individually
addressable, individually programmable initiating device
• Ideal for applications requiring monitoring of normally
open contact devices.
• Removable wiring terminal blocks allow ease of installation and servicing.
• Terminal blocks can accommodate 12 to 18 AWG wire.
• Flexible jumper configuration feature allowing one or
two monitoring circuit addresses to be disabled.
• Individual LED indicators.*
• Ideal for retrofit applications.
• As many as sixty (60), initiating device circuits in one
(1), 12” x 24” x 6.5” cabinet.
• Two (2), mounting cabinets available for two (2), (MBB-2
cabinet) to six (6), (MBB-6 cabinet) MMO-6RS.
• Bicolor LEDs flash green whenever the sensor is
addressed, and light steady red on alarm.
*Note: *Only the red LED is operative in panels that do not
operate in Velociti® mode.
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Description (continued)
Ordering Information
Two Multi-Mod units can be mounted in one MBB-2 cabinet. Additional mounting options include the MCH-6 chassis that can accommodate six (6), Multi-Mod modules. The
MCH-6 chassis can be installed in a custom cabinet or can
be mounted in the MBB-6 cabinet allowing up to six (6),
Multi-Mod modules in one cabinet.
Part Number Description
Multi-mod 10 input module
Backbox, 2 unit
Backbox, 6 unit, requires MCH-6
6-Unit mounting chassis
The MMI-10F is ideal for applications where centralized
location of circuits is required. As many as sixty (60), initiating device circuits may be located in a cabinet that is
only 12.6” H x 24” W x 6.5” D in dimension saving valuable
wall space in mechanical rooms and electrical closets and
reducing cost of installation.
Operating Voltage:
Stand-by Current:
Alarm Current:
Maximum IDC Wire
Maximum IDC Voltage:
Maximum IDC Current:
Temperature Range:
15-32 VDC
3.5 mA
60 mA (with all ten LEDs lit)
40 Ohms
12 VDC
1 mA
32° F to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
10 to 85% (non-condensing)
6.8” H x 5.8” W x 1.25” D
(17.3 x 14.7 x 3.2 cm)
12.25” H x 9.25” W x 3.32” D
(31.2 x 23.5 x 8.4 cm)
12.63” H x 24” W x 6.5” D
(32.1 x 60.1 x 16.5 cm)
12 Clintonville Road, Northford, CT 06472-1610 USA • Tel: (203) 484-7161 • Fax: (203) 484-7118
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