ASM-16 Addressable Switch Unit

ASM-16 Addressable
Switch Module
The Gamewell-FCI, ASM-16 Addressable Switch Module
serves as the point of interface between an operator and
the system’s audio evacuation, fire fighter intercom, and
building control circuits. It is a component of the following
• E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation System
• E3 Series Combined Fire and Mass Notification System
• E3 Series Broadband Voice Evacuation System
• S3 Series (Small Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel)
• NetSOLO® System
The ASM-16 is a configurable switch input sub-assembly
with 16 switches and 48 status LEDs. It may be remotely
located via the RS-485 serial interface. Each ASM-16
addressable switch module has 16 push-button switches
that can be programmed to serve any function the application demands.
An ASM-16 switch can be programmed to operate as any
of the following functions:
• speaker circuit switch • fire fighter phone switch
• auxiliary control switch • switches with custom-defined
(using a bank of two
- system reset
switches, one switch
- system silence
each for the on-off- system acknowledge
auto functions).
- all-call, phone patch
- lamp test, alarm tone on
- manual select, etc.
Each ASM-16 switch also has three fully programmable
LEDs that appear in red, yellow, and green. These LEDs
can be programmed to work in concert with their associated push-button switch or they can be programmed to
work independently as status indicators (e.g. on, off,
normal, etc.).
An INI-VGC, ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3 or SLP (Smart Loop
Panel) can accommodate up to 16 ASM-16 modules for a
total of 256 switches and 768 LEDs.
Operating Voltage:
24 VDC (nominal) (from the
PM-9/PM-9G power supply)
Operating Current:
0.011 amp. (with no LEDs lit)
Operating Temperature: 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
Relative Humidity:
0 to 93% (non-condensing)
at 90° F (32° C)
Rear View
Front View
• Listed under UL® Standard 864, 9th Edition.
• Listed under UL® Standard UL2572 for Mass
• Each INI-VGC supports up to 16 ASM-16 switch
modules for a total of 256 switches.
• Each ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3 supports up to 16
ASM-16 switch modules for a total of 256 switches.
• Each SLP supports up to 16 ASM-16 switch modules
for a total of 256 switches.
• Each ASM-16 switch has 3 fully programmable status,
indicating LEDS: red, yellow, and green.
• All switch functions are fully software programmable.
• Slip-in label inserts allow easily modified switch
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