500 Series, Multiple Input/Output Modules

500 Series, Multiple
Input/Output Modules
Monitor and Control Modules
The Gamewell-FCI, 500 Series Multiple Input and Output
Modules are designed to meet a range of applications in
which numerous single modules are used. It offers a costeffective and simple installation. The monitor and control
modules can be used to supervise and activate any of the
following devices.
• sounders
• waterflow switches
• strobes
• door closers
• conventional smoke detectors • pull stations
The Conventional Zone Interface module is ideal for retrofit
applications used to monitor zones of conventional twowire detectors. Each module has its own address. Modules
are addressed with easy-to-use rotary code switches. Provisions are included for disabling unused addresses. Up to
two modules mount in a BB-2 enclosure with the built-in
chassis and up to six modules mount in a BB-6 enclosure
with the CH-6 chassis. Wiring terminals are easily accessible for trouble-shooting purposes.
CR-6 Six Relay Control Module
The CR-6 Six Relay Control module consists of six Form-C
relays. The first address is set from 01 to 94, while the
remaining modules are automatically assigned to the next
five higher addresses. Provisions are included for disabling
a maximum of three unused addresses. A single isolated
set of dry relay contacts is provided for each module
address which is capable of being wired for either a normally open or normally closed operation. The module
allows the control panel to switch these contacts on command. No supervision is provided for the controlled circuit.
SC-6 Six Supervised Control Module
The SC-6 Six Supervised Control module provides supervised monitoring of wiring to load devices that require an
external power supply or amplifier to operate (such as
horns, strobes, speakers or bells). Upon command from
the control panel, the SC-6 will disconnect the supervision
and connect the external power supply across the load
device. The first module can be assigned addresses from
01 to 94, while the remaining modules are assigned to the
next five higher addresses. Provisions are included for disabling a maximum of three unused modules. Each module
has terminals for connection to an external supply circuit
for powering devices on its notification appliance circuit.
One or multiple power supplies or amplifiers may be used.
There is a short circuit protection monitor for each module.
This monitor is provided to protect the external power supply against short circuit conditions on the NAC. When an
alarm condition occurs, the relay which connects the external supply to the NAC will not be allowed to close if a short
circuit condition currently exists on the NAC. In addition, an
algorithm is incorporated to find a short when the module is
active. The module will close all circuits that are not
shorted to find the NAC with the problem.
Input Module
Output Module
• Provides a removable 12 AWG to 18 AWG plug-in
terminal blocks.
• Displays individual LED indicators.
• Unused addresses may be disabled.
• Contains rotary address switches.
• Complies with Class A or Class B operation.
• Mounts up to two modules in a BB-2 enclosure
• Mounts up to six modules in a BB-6 enclosure with
CH-6 chassis (optional).
• Includes mounting hardware.
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500 Series Module Specifications
Sync-1 Accessory Card
The SYNC-1 is an optional accessory to the SC-6 and is
designed to provide a means of synchronizing a series of
horns, strobes, and horn/strobes. The SYNC-1 is able to
synchronize the temporal-coded horns, the one-second
flash timing of the strobe, and silencing the horns of the
horn/strobe combination over a two-wire circuit while leaving the strobes active. Each SYNC-1 accessory card has
the capability of synchronizing six Class B circuits or three
Class A circuits.
CZ-6 Six Zone Interface Module
The CZ-6 Six Zone Interface module provides an interface
between the intelligent alarm system and a two-wire conventional detection zone. A common SLC input is used for
all modules and the initiating device circuits share a common external supply. Otherwise, each module operates
independently from the other modules. The first module is
addressed from 01 to 94 while the remaining modules are
assigned to the next five higher addresses. Provisions are
included for disabling a maximum of two unused modules.
All two-wire detectors being monitored must be two-wire
compatibility listed with the modules. The CZ-6 transmits
the status of a zone of two-wire detectors to the fire alarm
control panel. Status conditions are reported as normal,
open or alarm. The interface module supervises the zone
of detectors and the connection of the external power supply.
IM-10 Ten Input Monitor Module
The IM-10 Ten Input Monitor module provides an interface
between a control panel and normally open contact
devices (such as pull stations, security contacts, or flow
switches). The first address is set from 01 to 90 and the
remaining modules are automatically assigned to the next
nine higher addresses. Provisions are included for disabling a maximum of two unused addresses. The supervised state (normal, open or short) of the monitored device
is sent back to the panel.
ISO-6 Six Isolator Module
The ISO-6 Six Isolator Module is an automatic switch that
opens when the line voltage drops below four volts. Isolator modules should be spaced between groups of sensors
or spaced with modules in a loop to protect the rest of the
loop. If a short occurs between any two isolators, then both
isolators immediately switch to an open circuit state and
isolate the devices between them. The remaining units on
the loop continue to fully operate.
Two Input / Two Output Module
The multiple module combines two relay outputs and two
monitor inputs into one device. The module is capable of
Class B supervised wiring to the monitored devices. It also
contains Form C relay contacts allowing the panel to
switch the contacts on command. There is a dedicated
LED on the module for each input and output. The control
panel can use these bi-color LEDs to indicate normal,
trouble and alarm conditions.
General Specifications
Operating Voltage:
Maximum SLC Wiring
Temperature Range:
Relative Humidity:
Wire Gauge:
Specifications: CR-6
Standby Current:
Alarm Current:
Maximum IDC Wiring
Relay Current:
Relay Contact Ratings:
Specifications: CZ-6
Standby Current:
Alarm Current:
15 to 32 VDC
40 Ohms
32°F to 120°F (0° to 49°C)
10% to 85% non-condensing
12 to 18 AWG
6.8”H × 5.8”W × 1.25”D
1.45 mA maximum
32 mA maximum (assumes all six
relays have been switched once and
all six LEDs solid on)
40 Ohms
30 mA/Relay Pulse (15.6 mS pulse
duration) pulse under panel control
See product installation manual
2.25 mA maximum
35 mA maximum (assumes all six
relays have been switched once and
all six LEDs solid on)
Maximum NAC Circuit Wiring
40 Ohms
Power Rating Per Circuit:
50 W @ 70.7 VAC
Specifications: IM-10
Standby Current:
Alarm Current:
3.5 mA maximum
60 mA maximum
(assumes all ten LEDs solid on)
Maximum IDC Wiring
Maximum IDC Voltage:
Maximum IDC Current:
40 Ohms
12 VDC
1 mA
Specifications: ISO-6
Standby Current:
Maximum Current Draw:
2.7 mA
102 mA
Specifications: Two Input and Two Output Module
4.675 in H x 4.275 in W x 1.4 in D
Standby Current:
1.3 mA (one communication every 5
sec. with 47k EOL)
End-of-Line Resistance:
47 kOhms (two included)
Specifications: SYNC-1
Operating Voltage:
11 to 30 VDC
Maximum Load on a Loop: Class A/Style Z: 3A
Class A/Style Y: 3A per pair
Standby Current:
+0 Position: 15 mA
+2 or +4 Position if connected to supply: 2.5 mA
Specifications: BB-2 Enclosure
12½”H × 9½”W × 3.67½”D
Specifications: BB-6 Enclosure
24½”H × 12.55½”W × 6.47½”D
Figure 1 shows the SYNC-1 Figure 2 displays the BB-6
Accessory Card.
Enclosure with the CH-6.
Ordering Information
Part Number
Fault Isolator Module
Figure 1 SYNC-1 Accessory Card
Figure 2 BB-6 Enclosure with
CH-6 Chassis
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