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Supervised Loud Speaker
The Series STH-15S supervised horn loudspeakers are
equipped with a compression driver providing up to 15
Watt RMS power handling capability, superior intelligibility
and dispersion to achieve maximum sound projection and
The weather-resistant metal construction and the reentrant acoustic path assure protection against water,
humidity, vermin, and corrosion. The mounting bracket
allows directional sound dispersion via the vertical and the
horizontal positioning. Provisions are also included for
surface or strap mounting for the installation to pillars and
All models include a built-in 25/70/100 V transformer featuring a screw-driver adjustable, 7-position Watt/ impedance selection switch. Wiring terminals are protected with
a vandal-resistant adapter cover for control equipment
using a cable or a conduit. A built-in, 5 mfd capacitor is
provided on both models for line supervision.
All models meet or exceed the UL® Listed standards for
audible signal appliances and are capable of operating
within an ambient temperature range of 66°C (150°F) to 35°C (-30°F). Models comply with UL Standard 1480 —
Speakers for Fire Protective Signaling Systems and California State Fire Marshal (Title 19).
• Provides a 15 Watt high efficiency compression driver
Operational Specifications
• Allows universal mounting
Power Rating
Frequency Response
Dispersion Angle
15 Watt continuous
400 - 4000 Hz
102dB @ 15 Watt @ 10’
(3dB UL® rating increment
70o (degrees)
(-6dB @ 2000 Hz active
• Offers a re-entrant acoustic path
• Built with a weather-resistant metal construction
• Includes a built-in 25/70/100 V line matching transformer with a 7 position Watt/impedance selection
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Supervised loud speaker
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