Enhanced Vehicular Charger Datasheet

Enhanced Vehicular Charger
P7100IP and P5100
The Enhanced Vehicular Charger provides
Simulated mobile-like operation with a
Large speaker for noisy environments
Remote control head options
Enhanced Vehicular Charger
The Enhanced Vehicular Charger is
a rapid charger with the capability
to charge high and extra high
capacity batteries in approximately
1 hour. The Enhanced Vehicular
Charger provides portable radio
users with features similar to those
of mobile radios. The unit rapidly
charges the battery, and includes
an external antenna connector, an
external speaker, and a microphone
for mobile-like operation. A dual
position feature allows battery
charging with a speaker microphone attached.* The charger is
specific for each portable radio type
(P7100IP and P5100) and is
independent from frequency or
system operation. The charger
includes the following features:
Positive Latch: Ensures that
the radio is securely in place
while it is in the charger.
Radio Quick Release:
Disengages the radio from the
charger for quick removal.
Versatile Mounting Options:
Enables the charger to easily fit
different vehicle mounting
Automatic Restart: Constantly
monitors the battery while it is
in the charger and will start
charging the battery as soon as
it falls below 75% of capacity.
Optimal Charging without
Overcharging: Provides
charging for long battery life
and maximum battery performance. LEDs indicate battery
charging status.
Protective Circuitry: Prevents
damage to battery resulting
from charging batteries that are
not within the required temperature or voltage range.
Dual Charge Rate: Allows
charge rate to be adjusted
through dipswitch configuration.
Dual Charge Position: Provides
a second set of charge contacts
so the radio can be inserted for
battery charging while the
speaker mic is attached.*
ON/OFF Volume Knob
10 Watt Audio Amplifier and
Mobile Microphone
TNC Antenna Connector for
use with an external antenna
Option Button and Clear Button:
Located on the face of the
charger, these buttons place
additional radio features within
reach while the radio is in the
Weak Battery Operation: Allows
the user to transmit even with a
weak battery.
Remote Control Capability:
Allows interface of a Hand Held
Controller or fixed control head,
providing full radio control and
display while the radio is
engaged in the charger.
*Requires special speaker mic. Please refer
to specifications on back.
Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. Product sales are subject to applicable U.S. export control laws.
General Specifications
For P7100IP and P5100 portables with high or extra
high capacity battery
Source Voltage:
10.8 to 16.6 VDC, negative ground
Dimensions (L x W x H):
7.6 x 7.1 x 2.3 in.
(19.3 x 18.1 x 5.9 cm)
Die-cast zinc frame with a polycarbonate resin blend
plastic radio sleeve
Standard Product:
Cables, hardware, and U-shaped universal mounting
Rated Audio Power:
<5% distortion @ 0.1 to 10W
Waterproof mobile mic with hookswitch
Dead Battery Power Supply:
7.5V 0.3 VDC @ 2.5A load
Charge Currents:
1.5 or 0.75A
Cables, hardware, and U-shaped bracket
for mounting above or beneath dash
Temperature Limits:
Operating: -22 to +140F (-30 to +60C)
Charging: +40 to +113F (+5 to +45C)
Degradation of RX or TX FM Hum and Noise:
3 dB max degradation due to alternator noise
Dual Charge Position:
Use only speaker microphones that are designated
specifically for vehicular charger compatibility.
Using any other speaker mic attached to the radio
will cause severe damage to the charger and/or
speaker mic.
Environmental Specifications
Solar Radiation
Low Temperature
High Temperature
Temperature Shock
Low Pressure
Supply Voltage
Methods & Procedures
514.4 I CAT 1,3,8 & 10
516.4 PI, II, III, IV, V, VI, & VIII
510.3 PI
505.3 PI & II, FIG 505.2-1
502.3 PI & II
501.3 PI & II
501.2 PII CAT A2 (Induced)
503.3 Table 503.3-1
507.3 PI & II
500.3 PI & II
EIA RS-316-B
EIA RS-316-B
EIA RS-316-B
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