CoreResetP v7.0 Release Notes

CoreResetP v7.0 Release Notes
These release notes accompany the production release of CoreResetP v7.0. This document provides details
about the features, enhancements, system requirements, supported families, implementations, and known
issues and workarounds.
• Sequences reset signals in a SmartFusion 2 or IGLOO 2 device.
• Interacts with CoreConfigP to ensure that reset releases are coordinated with the initialization of the
peripheral blocks in a SmartFusion2 or IGLOO2 device. The relevant peripheral blocks are the double
data rate (DDR) controllers and the high speed serial interface (SERDESIF) blocks.
Delivery Types
CoreResetP is delivered as register transfer level (RTL) code. The core is freely available and unlicensed.
Supported Families
• SmartFusion2
Supported Tool Flows
Use Libero v11.4 software or later with CoreResetP v7.0 release.
Installation Instructions
CoreResetP is available through the Libero SoC IP Catalog. The core can be downloaded from a remote
web-based repository to the local vault. Once installed in Libero SoC, the core can be instantiated,
configured, connected, and generated using the SmartDesign tool. The System Builder tool automatically
instantiates and connects CoreResetP when constructing a design.
Known Issues and Workarounds
There are no known issues in this release.
June 2014
CoreResetP v7.0 Release Notes
Release History
Table 1 provides the release history of CoreResetP.
Table 1. Release History of CoreResetP
June 2014
Added SDIF0_0_CORE_RESET_N and SDIF0_1_CORE_RESET_N outputs (and
corresponding SOFT_SDIF0_0_CORE_RESET and SOFT_SDIF0_1_CORE_RESET inputs).
Renamed CONFIG_DONE input to CONFIG1_DONE.
Added SDIF_RELEASED output and CONFIG2_DONE input.
Added DDR_READY and SDIF_READY outputs.
Renamed FAB_RESET_N output to MSS_HPMS_READY and removed SOFT_FAB_RESET
Removed USER_FAB_RESET_N output and SOFT_USER_FAB_RESET input. (INIT_DONE is
essentially the same signal as USER_FAB_RESET_N.)
Removed CLR_INIT_DONE input.
Removed EXT_RESET_IN_N input.
January 2014
Sept 2013
Updated handbook included with core.
Added logic to support PCIe related functionality (HotReset and L2/P2 support).
Added SOFT_* input ports that are intended to support software control of individual reset line
assertion and de-assertion.
July 2013
First production release.
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