CW-5000 data sheet

Coupler Workstation
A Versatile Workstation for Fiber Fusion Applications
The CW-5000 workstation is designed
to fabricate a wide range of fused fiber
optic products, including biconical
tapered fused couplers, single fiber
tapering, and fiber processing.
Its structural design, optional
platforms, and intelligent automatic
control make this workstation a highly
useful machine for fiber fusion-related
manufacturing and research.
The included software streamlines the
production process and offers a wide
range of customization options to assist
in producing the exact products you
Control panel provides easy regulation of
15 frequent actions
Central heating region, with torch, vacuum
holders, and epoxy curing heaters
Software provides real-time fusion status
including pulling length, power readings,
coupling ratio, and excess loss
Software supports multiple operation
modes for narrowband and wideband
couplers, WDMs, PM couplers, and more
Standard Hardware Configuration
Unit installed with Base Platform for fabricating standard 1x2 and 2x2 fused devices
Six motors with programmable motion control
High-precision pulling (90mm total travel range/45mm each side)
Hydrogen torch nozzle, I.D. 10mm and oxygen diffuser with three-dimensional freedom of movement
Vacuum fiber holders and vacuum gauge reading meters
Built-in digital mass flow controllers for controlling hydrogen and oxygen respectively
Open-loop pre-packaging curing system
Control panel with 15 buttons
Windshield protection cover
Emergency button for safety
2-channel digital optical power meter module
Vacuum pump module
Computer with LCD monitor
Hardware Options
Full line of hydrogen torch nozzles (ID from 6mm up to 12mm)
Extended pulling-stage, up to 200mm total travel range
Extended torch scanning range, up to 100mm (standard 45mm)
Extended size of windshield protection cover
Digital optical power with extra monitoring channel, up to 8 channels in total
Closed-loop prepackaging curing system for curing temperature monitoring and control
1x3 upgrade, with special 1x3 vacuum chuck bases, additional channel on power meter and extra bare-fiber adapter
Hybrid torch system with upper hydrogen nozzle and lower hydrogen/oxygen nozzles for high fusion temperature
Extra built-in digital mass flow controller when using the hybrid torch system
Platform Options
The CW-5000’s modular design makes it highly flexible for a wide range of tasks. Six Interchangeable platform options
are available, covering almost all current fused fiber applications. Each can be custom-configured to meet special needs.
Base Platfom
For 1x2, 2x2 coupler fabrications or various single fiber processing
(support for twisted-fiber loading only)
Base Plus
(Parallel) Platform
For 1x2, 2x2, 1x3 coupler fabrications or various single fiber
processing (support for twisted fiber loading and parallel fiber
loading). Includes Base Platform functionality.
Rotation Platform
For 1x2 and 2x2 coupler fabrication. (Including a pair of manual
rotators for fiber rotation after fusion. This is typically used for finetuning performance, such as the coupling/splitting ratio, WDM
channel isolation, etc.). Includes Base Platform functionaity.
Maintaining (PM)
A special platform for PM products. It includes two additional
motors for PM fiber orientation alignment as well as special
software control.
Fiber Bundle
Handle multiple fibers (max diameter 400um each, up to N=7),
ideal for multimode fiber bundle fabrication. Consult with Lightel
sales representative for more information.
1x4 Platform
Dedicated for 1x4 single-fusion splitters. Handles 4 or 5 fibers.
Dual Head Torch
8 Channel Power Meter
Optional Torch Heads & Diffusers
Software Features
Windows-based application software provides a userfriendly interface, which updates real-time fusion status;
including the pulling length, power readings, coupler’s
coupling ratio, and excess loss. Two evolution curves of
the coupling ratio and the excess loss help for easy visual
Programmable fusion-parameter profiles are provided for
dynamic control of the fusion process. The variable
parameters include pulling speed, torch scanning speed,
torch height, hydrogen gas flow rate, and oxygen gas flow
rate. This is a useful feature for users to fine-tune their
fusion recipes.
Allows user to save all the process parameters and
product results for each fusion attempt. Data Explore
stores each job’s details for future retrieval and use with
the original interface.
Supports multiple operation modes for various products,
such as narrow-band couplers, wideband couplers, WDM
couplers, PM couplers, single fiber or fiber-bundle tapers.
Supports multiple pulling methods, such as standard
pulling, dynamic pulling, manual pulling.
A user-friendly tool of motor testing and panel button
testing is very useful for maintenance and
Main Interface
A closed-loop epoxy-curing system (optional) provides
two independent feedback/control loops (for the left and
right heating elements, respectively), making the curing
temperature of both heating elements follow a userpredefined heating profile.
Includes special features for processing non-standard
couplers, such as PM couplers, fiber bundles, etc.
Unit Fabrication Report
Closed Loop Epoxy Curing Profile
21.65” x 16” x 9.65” (550 x 405 x 245mm)
70lb (31.5kg) Approx.
100-240V, 50/60Hz, 150Watt
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(425) 277-8000 ph (425) 277-5280 fax
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