Hydrogen Gas Generator
Affordable. Pure. Simple.
The LIGHTEL LTL-H2-500 is a high-purity hydrogen gas
generator designed for gas chromatography and other
applications. As a gas source, this generator has been
widely used with LIGHTEL’s flame-based optical fiber
fusion workstations to produce fused coupler/taper
products with high quality and high reliability.
The LTL-H2-500 is based on the electrolytic principle,
utilizing potassium hydroxide as the electrolytic
solution and a noble metal as the electrode. Hydrogen
is produced by the electrolysis of distilled or deionized water and then a membrane-separation
method fully separates the hydrogen and oxygen. The
transient metal catalytic technology adopted in the
electrolytic cell allows an excellent gas purity of
hydrogen with an oxygen residue of < 3PPM.
At only 37 x 33 x 18cm the LTL-H2-500 is a low
maintenance, compact bench top unit with the quality
hydrogen required for most manufacturing
Accurate gas flow control has been
statistically shown to increase production
Distilled water and other consumables are
easily replaced
High gas purity provides hydrogen with an
oxygen residue of < 3PPM
Each LTL-H2-500 has two gas filtering stages to ensure the output H2 purity ≥ 99.999%. The two filter
materials include ‘Indicating Silica Gel’ beads and ‘Molecular Sieve’ beads, which need to be replaced
upon reaching saturation.
Indicating Silica Gel
Molecular Sieves
H2 Gas
Hydrogen Purity
Oxygen Content
<3 PPM
Water Content Dew Point
H2 Flow Control
Flow Rate Range
0-500 ml / min
‘Low’ Pressure Range Setting
0 – 2 (or 0~0.2) Kg / cm2 (or MPa)
‘High’ Pressure Range Setting
0 – 4 (or 0~0.4) Kg / cm2 (or MPa)
Pressure Stability
<0.001 MPa
Power Supply
110 or 220 (±10%, 50Hz) V
Power Consumption
250 W
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature
5-40 °C
Relative Humidity
Outer Dimensions
370 x 330 x 180 mm
Net Weight
~ 10 Kg
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