BCM59105 Product Brief

Quad Integrated BroadR-Reach™ Power over Ethernet (PoE) Controller
• Standards support
• Supports IEEE 802.3at-2009 up to 100m
• Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) on BroadR-Reach™ up to
500m by extending basic IEEE PoE standards and concepts
• Minimal changes required (only at front end) of most IEEEcompliant PDs
• High hardware integration
Integrated switches
Integrated current sense functionality
Integrated microcontroller
Integrated AC and DC disconnect options
• Extensive hardware features
Up to 25.5W into PD in standard IEEE 802.3at mode
Over 5W per port at 500m in BroadR-Reach mode
Programmable current limit
Low dissipation eliminating the need for a heat sink
Broadcom Serial Control (BSC) interface support to the host
UART interface support to the host
Robust switch protection circuit withstands Cable-Sourced
Electrostatic Discharge (CESD) events
Autonomous, semi-autonomous, or manual modes
Real-time current, voltage, and temperature measurements
available per port
Cascading of multiple devices (supporting up to 64 ports) with
the option of single hardware and software interface for the
Includes four LED drivers reporting PoE port activity
Integrated 3.3V buck regulator (DC:DC) to support up to
200 mA
Overtemperature protection
Operates from a single 48V supply
• Extensive software features
• Self-contained power allocation software
• Integrated 4-port power management
• Integrated power management for all ports in cascaded version
• Enables new PoE services that require extended reach over
one, two, and four pairs of either Cat3/5e or telephony grade
• Enables IP video/voice systems by enabling PoE over existing
coax cable plants with a range of up to 500m
• Highest integration that allows for:
• Lowest total Bill of Materials (BOM) count
• Easier Printed Circuit Board (PCB) placement and PCB area
• Full functionality without external u-controller including
power management
• Eliminates the need for an external 48V to 3.3V power
• Further reduces BOM count via 3.3V DC:DC capability to be
shared across multiple BCM59105 devices
• Eliminates the need for a heat sink due to the unique Rsense
mechanism, resulting in the elimination of the external sense
• Makes layout and design easy via simple ground/power plane
• Works with Broadcom PoE-enabled products for easy
• Architected with system-oriented features to allow for systemlevel differentiation, including:
• Single point of interface for host hardware and software
• Power management across all ports in cascaded configuration
• Programmable current limits and dynamic measurement per
• Rapid power-down to support multiple power supply failures
• Supports a variety of applications:
• BroadR-Reach applications
• Routers and switches for Enterprise, SMB, SOHO, and
commercial markets
• Ethernet midspans
• Power Source Equipment (PSE) power injectors
• Integrated magnetics
CESD Protection
Charge Pump
SMPS Control
10-bit ADC
(One of four ports shown)
To Host
BCM59105 Module Architecture
The BCM59105 is a highly integrated quad PSE controller compatible
with BroadR-Reach technology. The controller extends the distance of
PoE to 500m and can be used on a single twisted-pair, so that PoE,
Ethernet, and IP services can be deployed over installed telephone
wiring. The PSE controller can also be used with coax cable for IP video
solutions that extend beyond 100m. The controller is the first in the
industry to offer a highly integrated architecture with revolutionary
enhancements that are targeted at reducing the complexity of PoE
designs for BroadR-Reach applications.
The BCM59105 integrates the microcontroller, power switches, low-loss
current sense function, detection, classification, and voltage converters
3.3V bias regulator (DC:DC converter) and AC disconnect functionality.
The high-level of integration and innovation make the device the most
power efficient integrated IEEE 802.3at PoE system.
The BCM59105 offers a networking-oriented host interface that offers a
full suite of power management. This easy to use interface can be
extended to manage up to 64-cascaded ports through a single host
The BCM59105 is designed with robustness and legacy support. It offers
detection and classification mechanisms capable of detecting both
IEEE 802.3at-compatible devices and legacy devices simultaneously. In
addition, the BCM59105 is designed and tested to withstand cable
discharge events as well as ESD events in excess of 2 kV.
The BCM59105 is a unique PSE controller that allows Broadcom to take
advantage of both PoE and BroadR-Reach technology in the same
solution. The controller integrates the microcontroller, power switches,
low-loss current sense function, detection, and disconnect functionality.
The high-level of integration and innovation make the device simple and
easy to use for BroadR-Reach applications.
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