Connectivity solutions for photovoltaic power systems
LC4®-AT – Cable Assemblies, T-type array harnesses
LC4® photovoltaic array harness, type T, with overmolded
connector branches, with connectors with integrated locking, total length, number of branches and distance between
branches (plugs or sockets) and cable end options according to customer's specification
1. Temperature range
2. Materials
Insulating body
Contact Sheet
Further data
-40 °C/+85 °C (IEC)
-40 °C/+90 °C (UL)
(+125 °C upper limit temperature)
halogen-free, UV-resistant
m-PC, V1 according to UL 94
CuNiSi, tin-plated
see LC4-AM resp. LC4-CP
3. Mechanical data
Mating with
photovoltaic connectors LC4
IP 68
Protection degree1
Further data
see LC4-AM resp. LC4-CP
Connected conductor
Photovoltaic cable, double-insulated, technical data on request
Section alternatively
4.0 mm2 (AWG 12) or
6.0 mm2 (AWG 10)
4. Electrical data (at Tamb 20 °C)
Contact resistance2
≤ 1 mΩ
30 A
Rated current2
1000 V DC (IEC)/600 V DC (UL)
Rated voltage
III (8 kV)
Overvoltage category3
IIIa (IEC)/3 (UL) (CTI ≥ 225)
Material group3
Creepage distance/clearance between
contact and touchable surfaces
22.6 mm
Pollution degree3
Insulation resistance
> 10 GΩ
only in mated condition with a proper counterpart
IP X8 requirements under agreement between manufacturer and user
measured with a proper counterpart
according to DIN EN 60664/IEC 60664 resp. according to ANSI/UL 746A
Approvals under preparation
Photovoltaic array harnesses: wiring diagram Typ T
Interconnection of module tables with complete, preassembled harnesses – at the customer’s specification
socket LC4-AM 01
plug LC4-AM 00 IT
stripped cable end
socket LC4-CP 31
plug LC4-CP 30 IT
array harness with male branch
cables (configuration example)
*h array harness with female branch
cables (configuration example)
delivery on reel
with up to
249 T-branches
LC4-AT ...
details upon request