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Patch Antennas
& Assemblies
Spectrum Advanced
Specialty Products
8061 Avonia Road
Fairview, Pennsylvania 16415
Phone: 814-474-1571
We offer a wide range of patch antenna elements and assemblies optimized
for peak performance. These antennas are designed for satellite and wireless
ground based data systems that utilize GPS (commercial L1 & military L2),
Globalstar, Iridium, Inmarsat, and ISM systems.
Low Profile
Sales Offices
Typically less than 8mm high and
as low as 4mm
8061 Avonia Road
Fairview, Pennsylvania 16415
Phone: 814-474-1571
Transmit and receive circularly and
linearly polarized signals
Low Cost
Affordable solutions in small and
large quantities
Antenna radiation patterns provide
excellent gain across all elevation angles
Optimized Performance
From 860 MHz to 6 GHz
Typical gain of 0 to 3 dBi for 1/2 power
beamwidths of 110 degrees. Gain at
boresite (90 degrees elevation) can
exceed 6 dBi, depending on ground plane
Small Footprint
16mm to 78mm, excluding
ground plane
All antennas are 100% tested for critical
performance factors
Wide Frequency Range
Spectrum Control GmbH
Hansastrasse 6
91126 Schwabach, Germany
Phone: (49)-9122-795-0
Spectrum Control Limited
2nd Industrial Area
Ling Tou Industrial Road
Qiad Tou Town, Dong Guan City
Guang Dong Province 523530
Peoples Republic of China
Phone: (011)-86-769-8343-7761
Our Family of Custom Solution Businesses
• Amplifiers & Mixers to 28 GHz
• Filters & Switch Filter Assemblies
to 40 GHz
• DROs, PLOs, VCOs & Synthesizers
• Integrated Assemblies to 47 GHz
• Hybrids to 50 GHz
• Advanced Thin Film Products
• EMI Filters, Components
and Modules
• Filtered Interconnect Devices
• Antennas
• Advanced Ceramics
and Assemblies
• Specialty Connectors
• Position Sensors
• Temperature Sensors
• NTC and PTC Ceramic
• PTC Heater Assemblies
• Panel Input Controls
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• Power Management
and Distribution Systems
• Remote Management Systems
• Monitoring Equipment
Environmental, Electrical,
Security, Mechanical
Antenna Solutions
Custom Designs for Closing Your Mission Critical Link
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Antenna Solutions
Creating the ideal antenna and/or antenna system to ensure the success of
your product can be a challenge. At Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products
(SASP), we design and build custom application-specific antennas and
antenna systems. Our team possesses hundreds of cumulative years of
experience in the art and science of RF engineering, electrical engineering,
materials science and state-of-the-art manufacturing.
We are the industry's only true vertically integrated antenna solutions and
systems provider. As the flow diagram to the right illustrates, we will develop
and produce your antenna completely in-house, from concept through
manufacturing and delivery. This extensive range of capabilities and broad
base of technologies allows our engineers greater freedom to pursue the
optimum antenna design... meeting your expectations for
performance and cost.
Antenna Types
Spectrum will apply the ideal antenna technology to
meet the dynamic challenges of your application.
Our typical products have high efficiency and high
gain in various applications over the 400 MHz to 8
GHz range. Below are some of our more common
antenna types:
• Aperture
• Planar
• Spiral
• Helical-mono-filer, Bi-filer, Quadra filer
• Cavity backed
• Beam-forming static
• Log periodic
• Custom network/balun
• Slot
• Switched array
• Loops/magnetic dipole • Extreme bandwidth antenna (EBA)
Simulation & Design
Application Consulting
Our application specialists will work with your
product development team to identify the critical
parameters and requirements for your antenna system.
The experienced SASP field specialists evaluate your
application's mechanical and environmental factors to
ensure our design team receives all of the relevant
information to develop the most effective antenna solution.
The SASP design team reviews items such
as board layout, ground plane size, mounting
methods and port measurement, in conjunction
with polarization, radiation patterns,
gain, impedance matching and
frequency tolerance criteria. We then
apply sophisticated computer modeling software
to design your antenna which quickly moves
to a functional prototype.
Testing & Measurement
All of our potential antenna solutions undergo thorough
performance testing. Our NARTE certified staff conducts a
range of return loss, bandwidth, polarization and
efficiency measurements. In-house capabilities are aided
by our on-site anechoic chamber, which is used to
validate the antenna's performance.
Solution Capabilities
• Military / DOD
UAV’s, Electronic warfare, Satcom
Com on the move/halt, Soldier wearable/First responder
• Asset tracking devices
• Medical / Surgical
Patient monitors worn/base, Portable defibrillator
• Industrial monitoring
• GPS and direction finder
• Highway / Toll metering equipment
• Oil patch / Down-hole drilling
• Automated meter reading (AMR)
• Weather recorder / balloon
• Marine / ocean buoy
• Civil aircraft and military aviation
• Survey equipment
• Homeland security
• Marathon / race timing tag
• All mission critical environments
• Not-off-the-shelf (NOFS)
Materials Expertise
We have a long history of developing
ceramic and other materials as part of
our design and development process.
Our material scientists control all aspects
of the process from formulating, to
forming, to heat treating, to finishing.
This unique expertise allows for the
application of the ideal materials to
optimize performance.
Global Logistics
Effective inventory and logistics
management is essential to success in
today's global economy. We have created a network
of sales and design centers, manufacturing plants
and distribution facilities to support the world's major
markets. We are committed to being an ideal partner
for our worldwide OEM customers.
SASP offers a range of manufacturing
capabilities that allow great flexibility
in antenna applications. Our extensive
machining and metalworking operations
set us apart from other antenna suppliers and support some of our antenna
housing/mounting solutions. With five manufacturing facilities, including two
low cost centers, we're poised to handle large or small volume requirements.