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AC Input:
BVS products automatically adjust to the input voltage as follows: BVS30, 40, 60, 80: wide range input from 90-264 VAC
DC Outputs:
See Voltage/Current Rating Charts.
Output Power:
See Voltage/Current Rating Charts.
Peak Output Power:
See Voltage/Current Rating Charts.
Sixty second maximum peak power durations. A 10% duty
cycle is not to be exceeded when peak power durations
are combined.
Brown-Out Voltage:
Regulation is maintained with full rated load at 90 VAC
Hold-Up Time:
20 msec typical at full rated load and nominal AC input
voltage. Hold-up time increases to 40 msec at 50% load.
Power-Fail Warning Signal:
TTL compatible signal goes low before the main +5V output drops 5%, at full rated load on BVS 80
Typical warning time:
BVS 80
5 msec where applicable
Warning time increases at reduced load levels
Measured at full rated load and nominal AC input voltage.
75% ±5% depending on how the load is distributed among
the outputs.
Regulation Characteristics:
See Voltage/Current Rating Charts for individual model
Measurement method:
Line: Measured over a 90-132 VAC or 175-264 VAC line
Load: Measured over a 20% to 100% load change. Multiple
output model regulation is subject to the minimum
load requirements mentioned below.
Minimum Loads:
The following minimum loads are required to maintain regulation. Multiple output models are expressed as current on
the main output.
Multiple output
Single output
BVS 80
5 Watts
BVS 40, 60
3 Watts
BVS40 board only models: Consult factory for minimum
load requirements. Please note that minimum load requirements increase at temperatures over 50°C.
Initial Setting Tolerance:
Measured at 50% of full rated load on all outputs.
Remote Sensing:
Optional on selected models only.
Output Noise and Ripple:
0.3% RMS, 1% PK-PK maximum on main +5V output.
Transient Response:
Main +5V output: 500 µsec typical for a 50-100% load
change and recovery to within 1% of initial voltage set
point. Maximum excursion: 4% from initial voltage set point.
Overload Protection:
Fully protected against output overload and short circuit.
Automatic recovery upon removal of overload condition.
Delayed-foldback current limiting characteristics assure
reliable turn-on into reactive and non-linear loads.
Overvoltage Protection:
Provided on the main +5V output. Factory set at 6.2V±0.6V.
Power-Up Initialization Period:
Typical 2.0 sec turn-on delay assures orderly ramp-up and
stabilization of all output voltages during power-up.
Input Protection:
AC input line fuse provided. Internally located.
Inrush Current:
Internally limited by thermistor.
Temperature Rating:
Operating: 0°C to +50°C at full rated output power. Derate
linearly to 50% of full load from 50°C to 70°C.
Storage: -55°C to +85°C.
Temperature Coefficient:
±0.03%/°C typical, ±0.05%/°C maximum over entire
operating temperature range of 0°C to +70°C.
Convection cooling is adequate for convection power ratings providing that non-restricted convection air movement
is available. When operating in a confined area, forced air
cooling is recommended. See voltage/current rating charts
for individual model airflow requirements.
Random vibration from 10Hz to 2KHz, 6.15 grms (3 axis).
Operating: 20G peak acceleration.
Safety Agency Certifications:
• UL 1950 without D3 deviation, file #E181899
• CSA C22.2 No. 950, UL file #E181899
• CE Marked
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