Compact design with a good space factor. Available in

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Compact design with a good space factor.
Available in a wide variety of type including standard type and lever reset type.
Constructed integral with tact switch for selection ,thus contributing to improvement in
the operability of sets.
Controller for remote control of audio equipment , CD-L , VCD , TV ,car navigation
system, and for game , etc .
Dimensions(規格圖 ):
Specifications( 規格)
Electrical Characteristics [ 電氣性能 ]
Total resistance [ 全阻抗值 ]
Total resistance tolerance [ 全阻抗值容許差 ]
Ratings power(w) [ 額定功率 ]
Resistance taper [ 阻抗變化特性 ]
Residual resistance [ 殘留阻值]
Sliding noise [滑動雜音]
Insulation resistance [絕緣阻抗]
Withstanding voltage [耐電壓]
Max. operating voltage [最高使用電壓]
Mechanical Characteristics [ 机械性能 ]
Operation torque [ 回轉力矩 ]
Rotation stopper strength [ 止動強度 ]
Switch Travel [ 開關移動量 ]
Endurance Characteristics [ 耐久性能 ]
Rotational life [ 回轉壽命 ]
10KΩ , 50K Ω , 100KΩ
0.0125W, Switch 5V DC
全阻值3%Ω Max.
300mV Max
100MΩ Min. at DC 250V. Switch 10MΩ Min. DC 10V
1 minute at AC 250V
AC 50V Min
0.5 mm
More than 1,000,000 cycles
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