6500/7500 Series BUC Accessories

is now part of....
■ Comprehensive range of
■ Unique, industry-leading
■ Easy to install
■ One-stop-shop for complete
satellite system
■ Redundancy switching, please
refer to the 7586L BUC
Redundancy Switching
System data sheet (part
number 12-20257-EN)
A range of accessories and
options are available for the
CPI /Codan C-Band 6700/7700
series and Ku-Band 6900/7900
series BUCs. These include options
to setup and program the BUCs,
increase system availability,
and accessories needed to
complete the system such as
waveguide components.
7550 LAN Interface
■ Converts FSK data to provide direct
serial USB and Telnet access to the
M&C serial command set, and HTML pagess
of BUCs via an inbuilt Web server.
■ Provides RJ45 TCP/IP LAN and
USB Type-B serial connections.
■ Pass-through inline connection with the
IFL eliminates additional cabling to indoor unit.
■ Daisy-chain connection to 7551 10 MHz Ref Source.
7552 FSK to USB Interface
■ Provides access to the M&C serial command
set of the BUC via a USB port of the PC.
■ May be used as a permanent connection
indoors or a temporary connection outdoors
at the BUC.
■ Pass-through inline connection with the
IFL eliminates additional cabling.
■ Powered via USB port.
■ Daisy-chain connection to 7551.
7551 Reference Source
■ Compact indoor/outdoor high stability
10 MHz Reference Source with
several intelligent features.
■ Pass-through inline connection with the IFL.
■ Powered via IFL DC or external DC.
■ Daisy-chain connection to 7550 or 7552.
7586L Redundancy Controller
Refer to 12-20257-EN.
6560 Hand-held Controller
■ User-friendly menu-driven M&C of BUCs.
■ Connects directly to the BUC or indirectly
via the Controller.
6570 Remote Controller
■ Provides remote M&C of BUCs via a
user-friendly panel. Able to select and
display on-line stream in a redundant system.
■ Selection of externally referenced C-Band and
Ku-Band Low Noise Block converters (LNBs).
Waveguide Components
BUC webpage via a 7550
12-20185-EN Issue 19 11/2011
■ Variety of waveguide components
in both C-Band and Ku-Band including:
■ flexible-twistable waveguide
■ Transmit and Receive Reject Filters (TRF/RRFs)
■ waveguide to coaxial adaptors
M&C Interface Units
7550 LAN Interface
IFL signals
Frequency range
Reference 10 MHz
Return loss
Gain flatness
FSK Modem
Frequency range
Rx sensitivity
Serial data format
USB driver
Virtual serial port
Terminal program
Ethernet interface
Power Supply
Power supply input
Power consumption
Operating temperature
Relative humidity
7552 FSK to USB Interface
Pass-through IF, 10 MHz Reference, block FSK from modem
Pass-through 12 to 60 V DC at 5 A max
Maximum ripple 5 V p-p (Mini-BUCs,
16 W Ku-Band/20 W C-Band LBUCs)
IF 950 to 1825 MHz, FSK 550 to 750 KHz, and 10 MHz (maximum level +10 dBm)
1 dB max
1 dB max
15 dB Input/Output for all signals (50 Ω termination)
IF band ±0.5 dB
Input/Output: 50 Ω N-type female, LAN RJ45,
Input/Output: 50 Ω N-type female,
USB Type B receptacle
USB Type B receptacle
9600, 8-N-1
100BaseT, Auto MDIX
550 to 750 KHz
–8 dBm
–20 dBm
9600 to 57600, 8-N-1
Compatible with Windows® 2000, XP, Vista
COM4 or next available
Hyperterminal or similar
Powered by 12 to 60 V DC from the IFL or external
DC connector, 2-way plug in screw terminal,
polarised and reverse polarity protected
Typically 1.5 W
LNB Down-Converters
148 mm W x 94 mm D x 55 mm H
400 g
Input frequency range
3400 to 4200 MHz
Local oscillator frequency
5150 MHz
Output frequency range
Noise temperature
Gain specification
Reference frequency (External)
Reference frequency level
Maximum phase noise (SSB) of reference
100 Hz
1 kHz
10 kHz
100 kHz
Phase noise (SSB) of BUC with reference
frequency defined above:
100 Hz
1 kHz
10 kHz
100 kHz
Output connector
Reference frequency connector
DC power
DC supply current
Power consumption
DC power connector
Operating temperature range
Relative humidity
950 to 1750 MHz
45K @ 20°C max
–10 to 0 dBm
Powered by 5 V DC from the USB port of PC
Typically 200 mW
–10 to +55°C
100% non-condensing
Indoor use only
119 mm W x 81 mm D x 28 mm H
175 g
Band 1: 10950 to 11700 MHz
Band 2: 11700 to 12200 MHz
Band 3: 12250 to 12750 MHz
Band 1: 10000 MHz
Band 2: 10750 MHz
Band 3: 11300 MHz
950 to 1450/1700 MHz
75K @ 20°C max
60 dB typical
10 MHz
–5 to +5 dBm
–135 dBc/Hz max
–145 dBc/Hz max
–155 dBc/Hz max
–155 dBc/Hz max
–63 dBc/Hz max
–73 dBc/Hz max
–83 dBc/Hz max
–93 dBc/Hz max
N-type female
Via N-type IF output
+15 to +24 V DC
500 mA max
12 W max
Via N-type IF output
–40°C to +55°C
7551 Reference Source
Internal 10 MHz Reference (Xtal Oven-controlled)
±1 x 10 –7 max over entire temperature range
±1 x 10 –7/year max
Phase noise (SSB)
100 Hz
1 kHz
10 kHz
100 kHz
Output level
–135 dBc/Hz max
–145 dBc/Hz max
–155 dBc/Hz max
–160 dBc/Hz max
2 dBm ±2 dB
Cold start warm-up time
Typical 1 minute @ 25°C
10 MHz Reference Switching
Relay switch
Automatic with level detection; level above –8 dBm on input (modem) port will cause switchover to
External 10 MHz Reference (external 10 MHz has priority).
Level less than –9.5 dBm will cause switchover to Internal Reference.
High isolation and failsafe operation (switches to External Reference in event of power failure)
80 dB between Internal and External Reference Sources
Switching time
<2 ms with hysterisis protection to prevent erratic switching
Internal/External Reference switching
IFL signals
Pass-through IF, FSK, and switch-through Internal/External 10 MHz Reference
Pass-through 12 to 60 V DC at 5 A max (Mini-BUCs, 16 W Ku-Band/20 W C-Band LBUCs or LNBs)
Frequency range
IF 950 to 1825 MHz, FSK 550 to 750 KHz, and 10 MHz (maximum level +10 dBm)
Return loss
IF and FSK:
1 dB max
External 10 MHz: 1.5 dB max
15 dB Input/Output for all signals (50 Ω termination)
Gain flatness
IF band ±0.5 dB
50 Ω N-type female Input/Output
Power Supply
Power supply switching
Derives power for itself from the IFL input N-type connector (modem) port or from external DC mini 2-pin
connector port (12 to 60 V DC negative earth)
Can supply maximum 5 A DC through IFL to power LNBs or LBUCs (16 W Ku-Band/20 W C-Band). Cannot
supply power to BUCs/LNBs via the external 2-pin mini connector port.
Automatic with level detection – switches to port with highest voltage
Power supply ripple
External IFL DC power supply ripple must not exceed 5 V p-p
Reverse polarity protected. Negative earth on both ports.
Power consumption
Typically 2 W at 25°C
External DC connector
Mini 2 pin mil-type 62IN-12E-8-2P
Power supply input
Power supply multiplexing
Operating temperature
–40 to +55°C
Relative humidity
100% non-condensing
Sealed to IP66. Pressure tested to 34 kPa.
4 x M6 x 12 mm threaded holes
119 mm W x 81 mm D x 28 mm H
280 g
M&C Controllers
6560 Hand-held Controller
6570 Remote Controller
8 to 12 V DC from BUC
Power supply
1.5 W max @ 10 V
Power consumption
–20°C to +55°C
Operating temperature
130 mm W x 40 mm D x 75 mm H
0.36 kg
RS232 serial
Data interface
Data rate
LED indicators
M&C settings
483 mm W x 45 mm D x 86 mm H
(19” Rack-mounted x 2RU)
0.5 kg
RS485 serial
9600 bps, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit
BUC PA On; Summary Fault
BUC 1/2 PA On; BUC 1/2 Summary Fault;
BUC 1/2 On-line
LO, Tx Default State, Redundancy Mode, Serial Data Settings (Rate, Data Bits, Parity, Stop Bits, Protocol,
Address, Echo), RS485 termination, Tx State, Online State, Faults (PA, Fan, Tx Power, BUC Temp, LO Lock,
Internal, LNB, Redundancy), Identity (Model No, Serial No, Firmware Version, Firmware Part No, PCB Build
Numbers), Tx (Attenuation, Power Threshold), Compensation Frequency (RF, IF), Power (Output RF, Burst RF,
Burst Threshold, Burst Min/Max), Temperature (BUC, BUC Min/Max), Reset (BUC, Faults, To Defaults)
Values noted are typical at 25°C. Equipment descriptions and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
C-Band 7700 & Ku-Band 7900 series BLOCK UP CONVERTER
Common Specifications
IF input connector
IF input impedance
50 Ω
IF input VSWR
1.7:1 max
Transmit attenuator steps
0 dB to 15 dB in 1 dB steps
RF output IMD ratio with 2 CW carriers each
@ 6 dB OPBO
–25 dBc max
Spurious/harmonic output @ 3 dB OPBO
–50 dBc max
Maximum phase noise (SSB) of reference frequency:
100 Hz
1 kHz
10 kHz
100 kHz
–135 dBc/Hz
–145 dBc/Hz
–155 dBc/Hz
–155 dBc/Hz
Phase noise (SSB) of BUC with reference frequency
defined above:
100 Hz
1 kHz
10 kHz
100 kHz
–63 dBc/Hz
–73 dBc/Hz
–83 dBc/Hz
–93 dBc/Hz
Group delay
Linear (over any 10 MHz band)
Parabolic (over any 80 MHz band)
Ripple (over full band)
2 nsecpp max
0.00025 nsec/MHz2pp max
1 nsecpp max
AM/PM conversion
2.0°/dB max @ 2 dB OPBO
Monitor & Control
Ethernet Interface
Digital data format RS232
Digital data format RS485
Digital connector
FSK data format
FSK data transmitter frequency
FSK data transmitter deviation
FSK data transmitter sense
FSK output level
FSK start tone time
FSK data receiver nominal frequency
FSK data receiver locking range
FSK data receiver input sensitivity
Operating temperature range
TCP/IP Protocol, 10/100 BaseT via 8 pin
62IN-16J-10-8S-622 connector to RJ45
Embedded HTTP Web server, Telnet, and SNMP
9600 bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, ASCII protocol
User selectable protocols
MIL-C-26482 12-14S socket
User selectable protocols
650 kHz ±1%
±60 kHz ±1%
+60 kHz=mark; –60 kHz=space
–8 dB nominal
10 ms min
650 kHz
±30 kHz
–15 dBm min
–40 to +55°C
Non-operating/storage temperature range
–40 to +70°C
Relative humidity
Sealed to 34 kPa
(Head Office)
Europe, Middle-East Asia-Pacific
& Africa
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12-20201-EN Issue 23 3/2012
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