CPI C-Band Gen IV Klystron High Power Amplifier

C-Band Gen IV Klystron High Power Amplifier
for Satellite Communications
C - Band
The Gen IV High
Power Amplifier
Unmatched Efficiency
C-Band Gen IV —
provides up to
3.35 kW of power in a
dual drawer package
Uses less power and produces less heat than any
other K-HPA. Features Power Saver and Power
Tracker, optimizing K-HPA efficiency to meet your
operating condition.
Scopescreen provides a graphical log display. The
Ethernet Option provides higher speed connections,
can update and coordinate all clock settings, and
enables a snapshot feature where user can create
a file containing all settings, alarms and faults at a
single point in time.
Greater efficiency and exceptional thermal margins
have enabled CPI to design the smallest KPA on
the market --- without the threat of overheating or
a shorter klystron life.
Greater Reliability
Low temperatures are the key to longer lifetimes
for klystrons and electronic parts. The CPI power
supply design and high efficiency, multi-stage
depressed collector klystron make these lower
temperatures possible.
All areas of the amplifier are easily accessible and
there are no large harnesses to get in the way.
Separate RF and Power Supply drawers slide out
from a standard rack.
Acoustically Quiet
The quietest K-HPA in the industry.
Worldwide Support
Backed by over three decades of satellite
communications experience, and CPI's worldwide
24-hour customer support network that includes
sixteen regional factory service centers.
Useful Displays
Large, high quality, color, graphical display has a
wide viewing angle and asharp appearance. All
important functions are clearly displayed, and an
event log is included.
Integrated Protection Switching
Redundant switch controller eliminates the cost of
external controllers. System status is shown on the
display and switch controls are implemented
locally on the front panel touch-pad, or remotely
via the digital serial interface.
811 Hansen Way
P.O. Box 51625, Palo Alto, CA 94303
tel: +1 (650) 846-3803
fax: +1 (650) 424-1744
e-mail: [email protected]
Gen IV Klystron High Power Amplifier
Unmatched Size
Easy Maintenance, Easy Handling
New Features and Options
C -B a n d
Model K4C Series
Electrical (continued)
Frequency Ranges
5.850 - 6.425 GHz; other options available
Klystron Power Output
2.45 to 3.35 kW min. (63.9 to 65.2 dBm),
depending on klystron
Amplifier Output 1
at flange with harmonic filter
2.15 to 2.88 kW min. (63.3 to 64.6 dBm),
depending on klystron
45 MHz; 80 MHz optional
Power Adjustability
Power Consumption4
0 to -20 dB of output with ±0.1 dB
typical resolution
9.5 kW max. Typical values for the
following RF output backoffs with
respect to rated (power saver off):
8.9 kW @ 0 dB (rated)
6.6 kW @ -4 dB
5.6 kW @ -7 dB
5.2 kW @ -10 dB
4.8 kW @ -13 dB
Power Factor
0.95 min.
Gain at Rated Power
77 dB min. (74 dB min. with BUC option)
Inrush Current, peak
• Remote Control Panel
Gain Stability vs. Time
±0.25 dB/24 hr. max. at constant drive
and temperature (±0.35 dB/24 hr. w/BUC)
180% of normal line current peak
max. (first half-cycle only)
• 80 MHz bandwidth
Gain Stability vs. Temp.
1 dB max. from 20° to 40°C; ±2.5 dB max
from 0° to 50°C (at constant drive)
RF Input Connection
Type N female
RF Output Connection
CPR-137F flange
0.04 dB/MHz max. over Fo ±13 MHz
(Fo ±18 MHz with 80 MHz option)
RF Power Monitors
Type N female
• Motorized Channel
Selector: (<1 second)
• Linearizer
Gain Slope (at rated power)
• L-Band Block
Upconverter (BUC)
Gain Variation (at rated power) 0.4 dB pk-pk max. over Fo ±13 MHz
(Fo ±18 MHz with 80 MHz option)
Dimension (W x H x D without fans and handles)
RF Drawer
19 x 17.5 x 28 in.
(483 x 445 x 711 mm)
PS Drawer
19 x 8.75 x 24 in.
(483 x 223 x 610 mm)
• Ethernet Interface
Input VSWR
1.25:1 max. (1.50:1 with BUC option)
• Other C-Band and Tropo
Frequencies Available
(contact CPI for details)
Output VSWR
1.30:1 max.
2.0:1 max. for full spec. compliance;
any value for operation without damage
Residual AM2
RF Drawer
PS Drawer
-50 dBc max., 20 to 400 Hz
-60 dBc max., 400 Hz to 2 kHz
-80 dBc max., 2 kHz to 500 kHz
Forced air with integral
blower and fans; separate klystron
collector cooling path
AM/PM Conversion
(at rated power)
4°/dB max.
Air Flow Rate, Klystron
175 cfm min., at sea level
External Ducts Backpressure
0.5 inch water gauge
total, maximum.
Harmonic Output
with filter:
without filter:
-80 dBc
-35 dBc
Klystron Heat Loss
5300 W max.
-135 dBW/4 kHz, 3.7 to 4.2 GHz
-70 dBW/4 kHz, in passband
(-65 dBW/4 kHz with linearizer option)
(-60 dBW/4 kHz with BUC option)
-110 dBW/MHz, 4.2 to 40 GHz
(excluding passband)
Heat Loss in Room
(cabinet less Klystron)
2000 W max.
Acoustic Noise
63 dBA nominal, measured
3 ft. from front of equipment
Phase Noise2
Exceeds requirements of INTELSAT
Standard IESS-308/309 by -10 dB
at -10 dB backoff
Ambient Temperature
-10° to +50° operating;
-40° to +80° non-operating
Relative Humidity
95%, non-condensing
-29 dBc with two equal carriers at total output
7 dB below rated single-carrier output (at 4
dB below with linearizer option
Noise Density
(at rated gain)
Group Delay
Primary Power 3
In any 72 MHz band:
0.25 ns/MHz linear max.
0.05 ns/MHz2 parabolic max.
2.0 ns pk-pk ripple max.
All ratings are ± 10%, 47-63 Hz 3-phase with
neutral and ground:
200 VAC (without neutral)
208 VAC
380 to 415 VAC
480 VAC
1 Harmonic filter can be removed as an option. Add 0.25 dB to amplifier output for units ordered without
harmonic filter.
Certificate Number: 30515
Please check CPI’s web site to ensure most current data sheet.
For more detailed information, please refer to the corresponding CPI Technical Description.
Note: Specifications may change without notice as a result of additional data or product refinement.
Please contact CPI before using this information for system design.
180 lbs w/klystron (81.7 kg)
100 lbs (45.4 kg)
Shock and Vibration
10,000 ft. (3000 m) with standard
adiabatic temp derating of
2°C/1000 ft. or 6.5°C/km
40,000 ft. (12,000 m)
As normally encountered
in satellite earth stations
and shipping
2 Prime power AC line unbalance not to exceed 3%. Excess imbalance may cause
an increase in residual RF noise (AM, FM and PM). Phase noise increase is typically
2.5 dB / % imbalance.
3 AC current harmonic content: less than 20%, primarily fifth and seventh harmonics.
Harmonics must be considered when choosing UPS sources.
4 Lower power consumption can be achieved if power saver (included as standard)
is employed when operating below rated output power.