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Issue 1, 07 August 2014
DX series remote control boards
These simple application boards use the firmware
and signalling protocols of the existing CXTCXR
odule products, interfaced with a choice of SIL
package radio modules. A single relay output is
provided, controlled by a pair of logic (or switch)
inputs on the transmitter. Latched or momentary
operation is selectable.
The data format employed has a 16 bit address,
which can be user programmed via an RS232
compatible input
Figure 1: DX series remote control boards
Range of Features
Programmable 16 bit address
1 relay to control mains powered devices rated up to 8A, 250VAC/30VDC
Visual indication of valid code received and active relays
RF module range testing
Momentary, Latched outputs
Setup is simple as Plug-and-Play
RF Remote Control Demonstration
Can be used with any Radiometrix SIL pinout transmitters and receivers
Security and Alarm systems
Emergency assistance call system
Status reporting and monitoring systems
RF Remote control systems
Industrial controls
HVAC controls
Simple On/Off switching
Long range telecontrol with Narrow Band FM radios
Radiometrix Ltd
DX series control boards
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Common features:
3.5mm pitch 3 way terminal block
3.5mm pitch 3 way terminal block
(third pin is the PGM input)
5mm pitch 2 pin way terminal block for Helical coil or ¼ wave monopole
antenna (or optional soldered-in aerial)
receiver LED
Data rate
3.58MHz (ceramic resonator)
500bit/sec Biphase coded burst
User programmable 16 bit address
PIC16F630 SOIC14
Operating temperature
-20 to +70 degrees centigrade (some radios may be limited to -10/+55)
-30 to +70 degrees)
DTX board
Active low logic inputs ('set' and 'reset/momentary)
Pullups to 3v, and protection diodes, provided
Compatible with N/O volt-free closing contact (push-buttons)
idle current:
transmit current
Radio modules
4 –15V
(depends upon radio module fitted)
20mA with NTX2-434.650-10 fitted
Any low power SIL pinout transmitter (TX1, NTX2, TX2A, TX3A, TX3B)
71 x 32 x 16mm
(3.3mm diameter mounting holes are provided)
DRX board
8amp 240v rated change over 240v mains rated relay
LED indicator for 'relay energised'
receive/idle current
relay current
Radio modules
Radiometrix Ltd
12v (10-15v)
(depends upon radio module fitted)
20mA with NRX2-434.650-5 fitted
+20mA when activated
Any SIL pinout receiver (NRX1, NRX2, RX2A, RX2G, RX3A, RX3G,
98 x 32 x 16mm
(3.3mm diameter mounting holes are provided)
DX series control boards
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Operating modes
Device operation is set up by a 3 pin jumper on the receiver board, selecting latched on/off or momentary
'push button' operation
Programming the address
These units employ a sub-set of the programming commands used by standard CTX/CRX modules.
Address is set with the command AVALUE
As the SI pin is dedicated to serial communication only, the ‘ENABLESERIALMODE’ command string is NOT
A 2400 baud true RS232 format’ (1 start bit, 8 data, 1or 2 stop bits, no parity) is used, connected to the PGM
pin of the power connector.
AVALUE bbbbb
set value for unit address
process entry
clear all buffers
bbbbb = address (up to 65535, in decimal)
To successfully program the unit it must be in active state
A receiver board must simply be powered
A transmitter board must be powered, with BOTH inputs grounded
(in this state it will listen to the serial pin, but will not transmit)
Each command sequence must end with a carriage return (ascii 13)
Ordering Information
Part No.
RX1 fitted decoder
TX1 fitted encoder
Frequency band
DXR-434.650-NRX2 NRX2 fitted decoder
DXT-434.650-NTX2 NTX2 fitted encoder
RX2A fitted decoder
TX2A fitted encoder
RX3A fitted decoder
TX3A fitted encoder
DX series encoder and decoder boards can be supplied with any SIL pinout transmitters (TX1, NTX2,
TX2A, TX3A, TX3B etc.) and receivers (NRX1, NRX2, RX2A, RX2G, RX3A, RX3G, WRX2, RX2B)
Radiometrix Ltd
DX series control boards
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subject to radio interference and may not function as intended if interference is present. We do NOT
recommend their use for life critical applications.
The Intrastat commodity code for all our modules is: 8542 6000
R&TTE Directive
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