ACI Company Overview

Company Overview
Company Overview
§  Applied Concepts was formed in 1998
§  ISO 9001:2011 Certified
§  Manufacturer of DC/AC CCFL Inverters for LCD
Backlighting, Non-Display Lighting, & Specialty
§  ACI also Designs & Manufactures LED Drivers, Rails,
High-Bright (HB) Displays, Class A, B, & C NVIS
Displays, and LED Accessories
§  In addition to growing our LED Product lines we’re also
diversifying into Non-Display Applications such as solid
state lighting, architectural lighting, high-voltage power
management, and related markets.
Applied Concepts, Inc.
Pg. 2 15 Our Focus
ACI Designs and Manufactures specialty power conversion
systems for a wide range of highly-specialized applications
spanning the Military, Marine, Aviation, Medical, and Industrial/
Commercial markets.
We design all of our products to maximize MTBF with the
majority of our products exceeding 75,000 hour lifetimes.
Our line of High-Bright & NVIS solutions are recognized as the
gold standard throughout the Display Industry. Side-by-side, our
displays consistently out-perform the competition.
ACI is committed to supporting our customers 100% - by
delivering quick-turn custom designs and unmatched engineering
support and customer service
Applied Concepts, Inc.
Pg. 3 15 Our Organization
President & CEO Gary Nelson Opera5ons Mgr. Brian Poole Quality Manager Kurt Shafer VP of Engineering Steve Soos Sales/Marke5ng Mgr. Bruce Phillips Prod. Support Team Design Engineers Produc5on Team IT Specialist Sales/Mk5ng Analyst Ben White Doc./Control Clerk Eng. Machinist Applied Concepts, Inc.
Pg. 4 15 Our Strengths
All of our LED Drivers have an integrated micro-controller that allows
us to provide:
§ Ultra-wide range dimming (3,000:1)
§ Variety of Dimming Curves:
§ Linear, Logarithmic, Digital-View, etc.
§ Adjustable Brightness range
§ Capable of accepting a variety of interfaces
Our Engineering team is always available should you have any design
questions or need to trouble-shoot your applications.
§  Known as the “Tweak” squad – our engineering team delivers painless
quick-turn solutions customized to any specification.
We stand behind our products and their specs 100%
§  All of our specs are measured in realistic operating environments
§  We strive to maintain the shortest lead times in the industry
§  All of our products are domestic source, 100% Manufactured in the USA
Applied Concepts, Inc.
Pg. 5 15 Product Offerings
DC to AC CCFL Inverters
I-Drive Series of LED Drivers (8 Platforms)
Digital View plug-and-play solutions
High-Bright LED Modified Displays
High-Bright + NVIS LED Modified Displays
Dim-Nit – factory panel dimming control board
I-Nit – ambient light-sensing accessory
Inverters & Drivers for non-display applications – mobile
devices, high-voltage power supplies, architectural lighting, UV
lighting, and much much more
Applied Concepts, Inc.
Pg. 6 15 CCFL Inverters
DC to AC inverters with constant current outputs
Stable, ultra-wide range dimming for optimal performance
High-voltage outputs are open/short-circuit protected & phas-locked
Input voltage regulated platforms available
Zippy cross-reference units available
All of our transformers are wound in-house by ACI
Accepting a variety of inputs:
Analog, digital, ALS, & luminance/temperature feedback
All new inverter designs are RoHS approved
Home of the AC-1386D, powering the GE Dash 4000 & 5000 monitors
None of our products have an EOL, we can always supply you with
repair/replacement inverters to keep your products running.
Applied Concepts, Inc.
Pg. 7 15 LED Driver Capabilities
Our drivers power everything we do here at ACI, from
supporting factory panels to lighting our HB and NVIS
Modifications, our I-Drive series of LED Drivers rank among
the best in the industry for performance and reliability.
§ Each driver has an onboard Micro-Controller providing:
§ Ultra-wide range dimming (3,000:1)
§ Variety of Dimming Curves:
§ Linear, Logarithmic, Digital-View, etc.
§ Adjustable Brightness range
§ Capable of accepting a variety of interfaces
§ Satisfies the RE-101 compliance for reduced EMI
§ Our team of experienced Engineers deliver:
§ Quick-turn customizations & support
§ Tuning of specific input voltage ranges
§ Ruggedized for harsh environments with extended MTBF
§ Drop-In form factors available upon request
Applied Concepts, Inc.
Pg. 8 15 I-Drive LED Drivers
I-Lite (ACI-A…)
§  Supplies up to 10.8 Watts
§  Single or Multi-Channel
§  Smallest profile driver
I-Drive 2 (ACI-B…)
§  Supplies up to 17 Watts
§  Parallel Channels
§  Op-Amp controlled circuit
Applied Concepts, Inc.
I-Drive 3 & 4 (ACI-C… & ACI-D…)
§  Both supply up to 15 Watts
§  Single Channel Design
§  Same circuitry, different form
factors for drop-in replacement
Pg. 9 15 I-Drive LED Drivers
I-Drive 5 (ACI-E…)
§  Supplies up to 30 Watts
§  Series & Parallel Channel versions
§  Dual-Mode functionality available
I-Drive 6 (ACI-F…)
§  Supplies up to 65 Watts
§  12V and 24V input versions
§  Dual Mode functionality available
I-Drive 7 (ACI-G…)
§  Supplies up to 60-80 Watts
§  12V and 24V input versions
§  Improved circuit design:
§  better heat dissipation,
lower profile
Applied Concepts, Inc.
I-Drive 8 (ACI-H…)
§  Supplies up to 75-120 Watts
§  12V and 24V input versions
§  Improved circuit design:
§  better heat dissipation,
lower profile
Pg. 10 15 High-Bright (HB) Displays
ACI is recognized industry-wide as a leading manufacturer
of Sunlight-Readable HB Displays & Kits promising superior
performance & reliability:
§ Ruggedized for Harsh Environments (Military, etc.)
§ Max luminance, uniformity, & half-life (75,000 hrs)
§ Onboard Micro-Controller allows:
§ Ultra-wide range dimming (3,000:1)
§ Variety of Dimming Curves:
§ Linear, Logarithmic, Digital-View, etc.
§ Adjustable Brightness range
§ Capable of accepting a variety of interfaces
§ Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) add-on available
§ Available as Modified Displays or LED Rail Kits
§ Modified Displays built from Customer-Consigned
or ACI-Supplied Programs
Applied Concepts, Inc.
Pg. 11 15 HB+NVIS Displays
All of our HB/NVIS Displays are Full-Up Custom, Dual-Mode
Designs offering the very best Day & Night Performance:
§ Dual-Mode capability with Single LED Driver & Rail
§ Fully-Integrated NVIS Design, No Filters Required
§ Guaranteed MIL STD 3009 Class A, B, & C Compliance
§ Additionally, Low EMI Circuit/Driver topology
§ Plus all of the features available in our HB Displays
§ Ruggedized Design for Harsh Environments
§ Onboard Micro-Controller (Custom Dimming, etc.)
§ Accepting various Interfaces, including ALS
§ Only Modified Displays available (no Kits), built from
Customer-Consigned or ACI-Supplied Programs
Applied Concepts, Inc.
Pg. 12 15 Dim-Nit & I-Nit
The Dim-Nit is a dimming control board that allows factory panels
with on-board micros to achieve ACI’s Ultra-wide range dimming.
§ Onboard dip-switch offers linear or logarithmic curves, analog
or PWM control, and enable control.
§ Small form factor (2.25” x 0.7” x 0.215” - L x W x H)
§ Ultra Wide-range dimming (3,000:1)
§ +5V reference available to user application
§ Reduced cost version available with specific control features
The I-Nit is an ALS adaptor board that automatically adjusts
brightness based on observable environmental conditions.
§ Easily added to factory panels & ACI modified displays
§ Customizable dimming curve & output signals
§ Temperature & light sensitive versions available
Applied Concepts, Inc.
Pg. 13 15 Target Markets
§  Applied Concept’s Engineering team develops power
conversion solutions for highly specialized applications in
Military, Avionics, Marine, Medical, Industrial, NonDisplay, and other Commercial markets.
§  In the Display industry, we work directly with every
segment of the supply chain – OEM’s, Distributors, ValueAdded Resellers, and direct to End-Customers
§  Our Sales & Engineering teams are customer-centric
meaning that we will accommodate any request from oneoff requests and customized versions to support massproduction orders.
Applied Concepts, Inc.
Pg. 14 15 Contact Us
Applied Concepts, Inc.
397 State Route 281
Tully, NY 13159-1175
ACI’s I-Drive Series of LED Drivers are
ruggedized, constant current drivers
with ultra-wide range dimming and an
on board micro-controller that can be
tuned for any backlight application.
(315) 696-6676
(315) 696-9923
In addition to LED Drivers, ACI is your
trusted source for CCFL Inverters to
prolong the life of your existing
displays and other CCFL applications.
[email protected]
Applied Concepts, Inc.
Pg. 15 15