Regulator ICs
Switching regulator for electronic tuning
BA6161N / BA6161F
The BA6161N and BA6161F are switching regulators that contain a temperature compensation circuit. They can be used
for electronic tuning DC-DC converters.
Electronic tuners in televisions and other electronic
equipment that requires high voltage (3045V).
1) Output changes are small against input voltage variations.
2) Temperature compensation circuit provides stable
3) Reduced number of attached parts.
Block diagram
Pin descriptions
Regulator ICs
FAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25_C)
FElectrical characteristics (unless otherwise noted, Ta = 25_C and Vin = 9.0V)
FMeasurement circuit
BA6161N / BA6161F
Regulator ICs
Circuit operation
A zener diode on the feedback pin provides reference
voltage and compensates for temperature changes.
Feedback current is fed from the zener diode to the oscillator.
BA6161N / BA6161F
Blocking oscillation is provided by connecting the external coil L between the oscillator drive pin and the VIN pin.
The potential at the oscillator drive pin can be raised by
using this oscillation. The output voltage is constant because the feedback current is always supplied to the oscillation circuit.
Application example
Operation notes
(1) When an output voltage greater than the reference
output voltage (33.3V) is required, use a variable resistor
(Murata RVG6P02-104M or equivalent product) with
good temperature characteristics as shown in the application circuit. Make sure, however, that the voltage of
the oscillator drive pin does not exceed 42V.
(2) The coil to be connected between pins 2 and 3
should have the lowest possible DC resistance (under
10Ω) and an inductance of 4.7mH (Sumida Electronics
RC095-472K or equivalent product).
Regulator ICs
Electrical characteristics curves
BA6161N / BA6161F
Regulator ICs
BA6161N / BA6161F
External dimensions (Units: mm)