Data Sheet: MOD2W

i3 Series
2-Wire Loop Test/
Maintenance Module
The MOD2W maximizes the benefits of the i 3 Series
smoke detectors by enabling detector remote maintenance
signaling and EZ Walk loop testing capabilities of models
2W-B and 2WT-B.
• A
llows up to twelve 2-Wire i3 detector models, 2W-B, 2WT-B
and one 2WTR-B, to be used on any listed alarm control panel
capable of utilizing this module
• Interprets the i3 detector remote maintenance signal
• P
rovides visual indication and an output relay when a detector
on the loop requires cleaning
• Initiates the EZ Walk loop test
• Provides Style D/Class A wiring on IDC loops
Installation ease: The MOD2W 2-wire loop test/maintenance
module mounts to a 4 11/16 inch square back box for quick and easy
installation. Terminal blocks with durable SEMS screws assure a
reliable connection.
Intelligence: The MOD2W allows communication to 2-wire i3
detectors with any listed fire alarm control panel capable of utilizing
this module. When these i3 detectors initiate a remote maintenance
signal for required cleaning, both the MOD2W and the panel can
provide a visual indication of the signal. The MOD2W module also
features the EZ Walk loop test for 2-wire i3 detectors. With just the
press of a button, this function verifies the entire initiating loop wiring.
Instant inspection: The MOD2W’s green, red, and yellow LEDs
provide status indication for the loop. These LEDs indicate loop
communication status, maintenance alert, alarm, freeze trouble, EZ Walk
test enabled, and wiring fault.
Agency Listings
i3 Series 2-Wire Loop Test/Maintenance Module (MOD2W) Specifications
Loop test/maintenance module shall be System Sensor i3 Series model number MOD2W, listed to Underwriters Laboratories UL 864 and
UL 985 for Control Units for Fire Protection Signaling Systems. The module shall include provisions for mounting to 4 11/16 inch square back
boxes. Wiring connections shall be made by means of SEMS screws. The module shall provide three LED indicators that blink or illuminate
to indicate communication status, maintenance alert, alarm or freeze trouble conditions, and EZ Walk loop test mode. The module shall allow
communication to 2-wire i3 detectors with any UL-listed fire alarm control panel capable of utilizing this module. The MOD2W module shall offer
provisions for Style D/Class A wiring on IDC loops, and shall provide a loop testing capability to verify the initiating loop wiring.
Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage (VDC):
Standby Current:
Alarm Current:
Maximum Ripple Voltage:
Maximum Alarm Threshold:
Alarm and Maintenance Contact Rating:
Maximum Loop Wiring Resistance:
Nom.: 12/24; Min.: 8.5 (2-wire); Max.: 35 VDC (power limited)
60mA (max.), 38mA (12V In), 20mA (24V In)
185mA (max.)
30% of applied power
9.2 Volts DC
100 mA @ 36 Volts DC, resistive, 25 ohms
50 Ohms
Does not include current draw from attached detectors or EOL relay.
Physical Specifications
Operating Temperature Range:
Operating Humidity Range:
Storage Temperature Range:
Input Terminals:
Height: 6.04˝; Width: 6.04˝; Depth: 1.00˝
9.6 oz. 272 (g)
0 – 50° C (32 – 122° F)
5 - 95% RH
-20 – 70° C (-4 – 158° F)
14 to 22 AWG
411/16˝ square back box or inside a metal enclosure
Operation Modes / LED Status
Alarm Smoke:
No power / No communication:
Loop wiring fault:
EZ Walk Test Mode:
Smoke Maintenance:
Smoke Freeze Trouble:
Blink 1 sec.
Blink 1 sec.
Blink 1 sec.
Blink 1 sec.
Blink 1 sec.
Blink 1 sec
Blink 5 sec
Blink 10 sec
Module Power-Up Sequence / LED Status
Maintenance/Freeze trouble LED indication
EZ Walk test available
6 minutes
6 minutes after power up or panel reset
Ordering Information
Part No.
2-Wire Loop Test/Maintenance Module (for use with i3 Series smoke detectors 2W-B, 2WT-B and one 2WTR-B)
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