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Fire/CO Detector
World-class fire and carbon monoxide (CO) detection
combined in a single addressable device provides a
practical and cost-effective solution for today’s market.
Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector
installed in B200S sounder base
• Unique ability to detect all four major elements of a fire
• Separate CO detection signal
• Highest nuisance alarm immunity
• Automatic drift compensation of smoke sensor and CO cell
• Uses only one address on the SLC
The Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector (AMCF/CO) is a
plug-in, addressable device that provides both fire and carbon
monoxide (CO) detection. For fire, the detector combines four
separate sensing elements in one unit (smoke, CO, light/flame, and
heat) to sense multiple components of a fire. This approach enables
enhanced sensitivity to real fire with heightened immunity to nuisance
particulate. For CO, the detector’s electrochemical sensing cell
creates a separate signal for life safety CO detection.
• RealTest® CO testing capability
• UL 268 and UL 2075 listed
• S
eparates audible signal for fire or CO alarm when used with
the B200S base (B200SCOA in Canada)
• CO cell end-of-life warning and fault
Released through the incomplete burning of various fuels, CO is
a colorless, odorless and deadly gas that is virtually impossible
to detect with the human senses. Because the potential exists
for dangerous levels of CO to accumulate in almost any building,
legislation mandating the use of CO detection in commercial spaces
continues to increase across the U.S. and Canada. The AMCF/CO
is listed to the UL 2075 standard for system-connected life safety
carbon monoxide monitoring.
The AMCF/CO should be used in conjunction with the B200S
intelligent sounder base, which can generate either a Temp 3 pattern
for fire or a Temp 4 pattern for CO alarm indication.
The B200S recognizes the System Sensor synchronization protocol.
This enables it to be used as a component of the general evacuation
signal — along with other System Sensor horns, horn strobes, and
chimes — when connected to a power supply or Fire Alarm Control
Panel (FACP) output capable of generating the System Sensor
synchronization pulses. With each sounder base carrying a unique
address, the FACP can then command an indvidual sounder — or
a group of sounders — to activate. The command set from the
panel can be tailored to the specific event, allowing selection of
volume, tone, and group. For more information on the B200S visit
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Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector Specifications
Physical Specifications
3.46˝ installed in B200S base
6.875˝ installed in B200S base
Shipping Weight
4.6 oz
Bayblend FR110
Operating Humidity Range
15 to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Application Temperature Range
32°F to 100°F (0°C to 38°C)
Air Velocity
0 to 4000 ft/min (0 to 20 m/sec)
Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage Range
15 to 32 VDC
Maximum Standby Current
300 μA at 24 VDC (one communication every 5 seconds with LED blink enabled)
Maximum Alarm Current (LED on)
7.2 mA at 24 VDC
Sensitivity Settings and Suggested Applications
Level 1
1% / ft of smoke
Very clean environments – laboratories
Level 2
2% / ft of smoke
Clean environments – offices
Level 3
3% / ft of smoke
Moderately clean environments –
hotel rooms, dorm rooms
Level 4
3% / ft of smoke with different algorithm
Hotel rooms near a shower, boiler rooms
processing and weighting of sensor elements
Level 5
4% / ft of smoke
Equipment rooms, kitchens, paint shops
Level 6
Thermal alarm at 135°F (57°C)
*Once the CO cell has reached end-of-life, the CO sensor no longer provides life safety protection; however, when the fire detector enters
Photo, Thermal, Infrared (PTIR) mode, the following sensitivities apply:
Level 1
1% / ft of smoke
Very clean environments – laboratories
Level 2
2% / ft of smoke
Clean environments – offices
Level 5
3% / ft of smoke
Moderately clean environments –
hotel rooms, dorm rooms
Level 6
Thermal alarm at 135°F (57°C)
CO Monitoring UL Standard Reference – Alarm Thresholds are as Follows:
Parts Per Million
Detector Response Time
70 ± 5ppm
60 – 240 min.
150 ± 5ppm
10 – 50 min.
400 ± 10ppm
4 – 15 min.
Per UL standard 2075, the AMCF/CO has been tested to the sensitivity limits defined in UL standard 2034.
Ordering Information
Part No.
Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector – Due to the unique nature of this detector, please consult your Fire Alarm
Control Panel Manufacturer for specific model and compatibility
Addressable Sounder Base
Addressable CO Sounder Base (Canada only)
Detector Test Magnet
Telescoping Test Magnet
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