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Low-Profile Plug-in
Intelligent Laser
Smoke Detector
Pinnacle™ model 7251 is an intelligent, laser-based
photoelectric smoke detector featuring extensive
on-board signal processing capabilities designed to
improve smoke response.
•Ultra-high-sensitivity capability
•On-board drift compensation
•Transient rejection algorithms
•Environmental tracking
•Wide sensitivity range
•Rotary address switches
•Analog communications
•Sleek, low-profile design
•Low standby current
•Microprocessor design
•Superior EMI protection
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Pinnacle features a patented smoke sensing chamber, designed
to amplify signals from smoke but diminish stray internal reflections.
By using a laser diode instead of a standard LED light source into the
sensing chamber, Pinnacle is able to achieve sensitivities from 0.02
percent-per-foot to 2 percent-per-foot obscuration.
The detectors’ extensive software processing includes multi-alert drift
compensation, internal self diagnostics, and superior transient signal
rejection algorithms to produce unprecedented stability at ultra high
sensitivities over the complete temperature range.
Because Pinnacle is base-compatible with all other 200 Series
detectors, system designers can seamlessly mix it with other
standard detection technologies thereby reducing overall cost.
Unlike other high-sensitivity detectors, Pinnacle:
•Can pinpoint identification of the fire location through addressability.
•Experiences no delay in response time due to smoke dilution or
smoke transportation time (as in aspirated systems).
•Offers complete supervision of wiring and detector.
Pinnacle is designed to protect valuable assets and operations where
systems must remain online at all times. Many sensitive areas cannot
tolerate even small amounts of smoke. Some ideal applications for
Pinnacle include:
•Telecommunications switching facilities
•Cellular telephone infrastructure
•Integrated circuit fabrication facilities
•Computer rooms
•Traffic control centers
•Clean rooms
Electrical Specifications
Voltage Range
Standby Current (max. avg.)
LED Current (max.)
Physical/Operating Specifications
Shipping Weight
Operating Temperature Range
Velocity Range
Operating Humidity Range
Self Diagnostics
Smoke Sensitivity
Drift Compensation
15 – 32 volts DC peak
230 µA @ 24VDC (without communication)
330 µA @ 24VDC (one communication every 5 sec. with LED enabled)
6.5 mA @ 24VDC (on)
1.66˝ (4.2 cm)
4.0˝ (10.2 cm)
5.6 oz. (159 g)
32° to 100°F (0° to 38°C)
0 – 4000 fpm (0 to 20.3 m/s)
10% – 93% noncondensing
Initiated by control panel
Activated by test magnet
9 levels: 0.02, 0.03, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00%/ft. obscuration
(0.06, 0.10, 0.16, 0.33, 0.66, 1.65, 3.24, 4.85, 6.41%/m obscuration)
High sensitivity maintenance alert signal
Low sensitivity maintenance alert signal
Maintenance urgent signal
M02-09-00 Test Magnet with Telescoping Handle
RA100Z Remote LED
Ordering Information
Part No.
200 Series Bases
Low-profile intelligent plug-in laser smoke detector
Low-profile intelligent plug-in laser smoke detector (Canadian model)
4” Flangeless Mounting Base
4” Flanged Mounting Base Bulk Pack
6” Flanged Mounting Base
6” Flanged Mounting Base Bulk Pack
Standard Sounder Base (Compatible with B501BH Series)
Intelligent Addressable Sounder Base
Relay Base
Isolator Base
Detector Test Magnet
Telescoping Test Magnet (shown above)
Detector Removal Tool
Extension for XR-2 (5–15 ft.)
Dust Cover
200 Series Accessories
Surface Mounting Kit (flanged)
Accessory Flange Ring for 6” Base
Accessory Flange Ring for 6” Base Bulk Pack
Accessory New Smaller Flange Ring for 6” Base
Remote LED Annunciator (shown above)
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