Model 3785
Minigrabber® Test Clip To
Stacking Pin Tip Plug Patch Cord
• Allows fast and convenient connection between pin tip jacks and test terminals, axial leaded devices, IC Test
Clips and other test points.
• Grabber hook attaches to terminal sizes up to .060” (1,5mm) O.D.
• Hook material is gold plated Beryllium Copper for superb strength and low contact resistance.
• For added safety, the grabber body material is fire retardant Nylon 6.
• Stainless steel grabber compression spring resists corrosion and retains a firm feel throughout the grabber life.
• Flexible 20 AWG multi-stranded wire is molded to the grabber actuator cap and pin tip plug for durability.
• For test versatility, the patch cord features a top mounted pin tip jack. The jack is designed with a gold plated
Beryllium Copper spring for reliable connection and long insertion life.
Grabber: Contact, Beryllium Copper, Gold Plated
Spring, Stainless Steel
Insulation: Nylon 6 (Fire Retardant UL94V-0), Matches Wire Color
Wire: 20 AWG, Stranding 41 x 36 copper, PVC Insulated, 0.087” (2,21 mm) O.D.
Color per part number
Marking: Pomona 3785-XX-*
Pin Tip Plug: Pin Tip Body, Brass, Gold Plated
Stack-up Spring, Beryllium Copper, Gold Plated
Insulation: Polypropylene Molded to Plug Body and Wire
Operating Voltage: 45 VRMS/DC Max.
Operating Temperature: 55°C (+176°F) Max.
Current: 5 Amperes Max.
XX = Length in inches. Standard Lengths: 12” (30,48 cm), 24” (60,96 cm) , 36” (91,44 cm) , 48” (121,92 cm) & 60”
(152,40 cm). Additional cable lengths can be quoted upon request.
* = Color, Std. Colors: -0 Black, -1 Brown, -2 Red, -3 Orange, -4 Yellow, -5 Green, -6 Blue, -7 Violet, -8 Gray, -9
All dimensions are in inches. Tolerances (except noted): .xx = ±.02” (,51 mm), .xxx = ± .005” (,127 mm).
All specifications are to the latest revisions. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies. Made in USA
Sales: 800-490-2361 Fax: 888-403-3360
Technical Assistance: 800-241-2060
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