AccessIT Quick Installation Guide

Quick Installation Guide
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AccessIT is an appliance based application that provides IT staff with secure and
centralized management of all remote access services in the organization. It operates
in both Windows and Linux environments and is accessible from Internet Explorer
and Firefox.
Pre-installation guidelines
Prepare a list of all AccessIT system components. You will need this information to
configure the system.
The attached sheet contains 2 lists of all the details you need to prepare for Minicom
KVM/IP devices and PX units (not PX Serial). Photocopy or print it out.
The lists should include the IP device name and MAC address, KVM switch and the
Target details.
For each Target, list:
A unique and clearly identifiable name
The operating system
Non-default mouse settings. Default mouse settings do not need to be listed
Configuring KVM/IP devices to be Centralized Management enabled
Refer to the User Guide of each KVM/IP device and configure them to be
Centralized Management enabled.
Connecting the AccessIT Manager
1. Connect the AccessIT Manager to the network as follows: On the rear panel
connect an Ethernet cable to LAN 1. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable
to the network switch.
2. Connect the AccessIT Manager to a power supply outlet.
AccessIT Manager’s default network parameters
Each AccessIT Manager unit comes with the following network default values:
IP address -
Subnet mask -
Gateway -
If these values are not suitable for your network, follow the steps below to display
the AccessIT interface and change the network parameters of the AccessIT
Logging into the AccessIT web interface
1. Open your Web browser (Internet Explorer version 6.0 - Firefox 3 or higher
2. Type in the IP address of the AccessIT Manager (default IP address and press Enter. (Change your computer network settings,
if necessary). The Login page appears.
3. Type the login name admin and password access.
4. Press Enter. The Web interface appears, see Figure 1.
New devices identified
with their MAC address
To sort the devices in
alphabetical order A-Z or
Z-A, click the top of the
name column
Menu section
IP device type
To search for a device
type name here
Once devices are
identified by a
name they appear
here in the Devices
Click a name to edit the
devices properties
Figure 1 Devices page
Click the arrows to show
or hide New Devices/
Devices section
Note! On first connection the AccessIT GUI prompts you to install the AccessIT
client software. Click Install.
Note! In Firefox, the client plugin is installed when you navigate to the Access
Changing the AccessIT Manager network parameters
1. Navigate to the Network tab under Settings/Unit Maintenance (see figure
below) and change the network parameters to suit your network configuration.
Figure 2 Network tab
2. Press Save and restart the AccessIT Manager.
3. Wait for the system to restart and login with the new IP address.
Configuring the AccessIT Web interface
To complete the initial setup and configure the system, see the full AccessIT User
Guide. The latest softcopy User Guide can be found on our website at: