Part No: G5Z-003 – G5 Series Tilt Switch - Mercury

Part No: G5Z-003 – G5 Series
Tilt Switch - Mercury
* Insulated
* Form: NO/NC/SPST/Mount dependent
* Angles Referenced from Horizontal
* Hermetically Sealed
* Small Package Size
* Narrow Included Angle
* High Current Capability
* Low Contact Resistance
* Long Life
Drawing dimensions in inches.
Tilt switches “make” when the electrode is tilted below horizontal and
“break” when tilted above the horizontal. Total travel from “make” to
“break” is the “Maximum included angle” shown below. The
component to which the switch is attached must have a total tilt angle
greater than the “Maximum included angle” for proper operation.
Maximum included Angle* :
* Switching occurs when body axis is near horizontal
Switch Ratings:
Max Switching Voltage
Max Switching Current
Initial Contact Resistance (Max).
Stand Off Voltage (contact to contact)
(contact to ground)
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Typical number of operations at specified load
G-Force Activation G-Level/Range
Weight per 100pcs. Lbs / Kgs:
Body Length (less leads). Inches / Millimeters:
Maximum Diameter. Inches / Millimeters:
Lead Wire Type
Lead wire length/skive/termination
3 milli Ohms
-38º to 220ºF / -38º to 105ºC
-40º to 356ºF / -40º to 180º C
Cotton Insulated
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120VAC / 7A, 240VAC / 5A : 120VDC / 5A, 240VDC / 4A : Tungsten
240V / 700W: 0.33HP / 480VAC, 0.25HP / 240 VDC
4.45 / 2.02
1.81 / 46.0
0.52 / 13.7
#20AWG Silicone Insulated
6 in / Ring Terminal with 0.17 dia. hole
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