MR - special relay
the special relay MR
MR relays are fail-save and universal
useable elements with excellent
contact load and high pull-in sensitivity.
• different versions enable the ideal adaption for different applications.
• short contact springs enable bounce-free switching.
• special synthetic–layers and a substantial over-travel are the reasons for the constancy and safety at a large number of operations, also in bad climate conditions.
The big bobbin and the variability of the
contacts make a lot of versions for different applications possible.
• industrial electronics
• automation and control
catalog 2002 e / 04.03
Special relays with different contact
versions for several applications.
order numbers
contact specifications
(see data sheet for curves)
soldering version MRL
... VDC/ VAC
plug-in version
8-pole MR8 ...VDC/ VAC
plug-in version
14-pole MR ...VDC/ VAC
contact material
contact type
nominal switching capacity
electric life expectancy
inrush current max.
switching current range
single contact
250 VAC 6 A AC1 1500 VA
dependence of the version
15 A for 20 ms
50 mA to 6A
general data
contact material
contact versions up to 6 pairs optionally
mechanic life expectancy
mechanical switching frequency
pull-in time
release time
test voltage, coil/contact
test voltage, open contact
installation situation
ambient temperature
coil specifications
socket 8-pole
socket 14-pole
metal clamp MR8
metal clamp MR14
ZKR 088
ZB 35
ZFR 002
ZFR 003
standard coils for direct current:
standard coils for alternated current:
> 50 x 106 operations
10 Hz
10-30 ms
6-8 ms
2'000 Veff
2'000 Veff
dependence of the version
dependence of the version
max. +60 °C
3 - 300 VDC
3 - 240 VAC
catalog 2002 e / 04.03