DA PowerCool Series, DA-045-12-02

DA PowerCool Series, DA-045-12-02
Thermoelectric Assembly
Innovative Technology
for a Connected World
PowerCool series Direct-to-air thermoelectric assembly
The DA PowerCool Series is a Direct-to-Air thermoelectric assembly (TEA) that uses
impingement flow to transfer heat. It offers dependable, compact performance by
cooling objects via conduction. Heat is absorbed through a cold plate and dissipated thru
a high density heat exchanger equipped with an air ducted shroud and brand name fan.
The thermoelectric modules are custom designed to achieve a high coefficient of
performance (COP) to minimize power consumption. This product series is available in
a wide range of cooling capacities and voltages. Custom configurations and moisture
protection options are available, however, MOQ applies.
• Compact design
• Precise temperature control
• Reliable solid-state operation
• DC operation
• RoHS compliant
• Analytical instrumentation
• Medical diagnostics
• Photonics laser systems
• Industrial instrumentation
• Food and beverage cooling
Cooling Power Qcmax (W)
Running Current (A)
Startup Current (A)
Nominal Voltage (V)
Max Voltage (V)
Power Input (W)
Operating Temperature (°C)
Weight (kg)
Americas: +1.888.246.9050
Europe: +46.31.704.67.57
Asia: +86.755.2714.1166
[email protected]
MTBF (fans – hrs)
Performance Tolerance
Performance Curve
global solutions: local support
-10 to 46
DA PowerCool Series, DA-045-12-02
Thermoelectric Assembly
Innovative Technology
for a Connected World
Isometric Drawings
Mounting Hole Location
Wiring Schematic
For indoor use only.
Thermally Conductive Grease enclosed.
Overheating Thermostat: 75°C ± 5°C
on hot side heat sink surface
Electrical connections
“+”:+ TEM
“-”:- TEM
“F+”:+ Fan(s)
“F-”:- Fan(s)
To use single supply. Lift the jumpers and rotate
90° to short-cut the pin pairs. Connect the unit
to “+” & “-”.
Warning: Single supply not applicable in
heating mode or with PWM-regulation.
THR-DS-DA-045-12-02 0810
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