96+ Interleaved CRM PFC CM6565

96+ Interleaved CRM PFC CM6565
– @ 115Vac: Efficiency is ~ 96 96 96 without Silicon Carbite
– OVP, ISENSE 0.9V latch (it can be disabled.), Too Long On
Protection, Time Out Timer, Trifault Protection…
– Precision 0.5V maximum ISENSEmaster and ISENSEslave
– 85mV ZCDmaster
– 180 degree phase shift between master CRM PFC and slave
– ZCS + About ZVS
– Dynamic Soft PFC: Allow Fast On/Off
– IAC, Vrms1, Vrms2: One resistor to sense high voltage input to
reduce no load consumption
– AC Brown Out: Digital One
– To fast-self-start function can improve no load consumption for
Apple Mac Power Design
– PGB open drain output for SLS, SRC/LLC topology next stage
converter interface
– User Programmable PG low threshold
– Slew Rate Enhanced GM allows large signals speed > 3 x small
signal speed
– Light Load Functions: It can be disabled
‧ 380V drops 342V
‧ 2 phases become 1 phase, PFCMaster
– Patented Technologies