Series 106 TrackStik

Series 106 3DTrackStik®
Technical Data
C Full X,Y, and Z Motion Control
C Solid Ceramic Strain Resistors
C Low Cost Pointing Solution
C No Mechanical Parts
C Motionless Actuation
C Durable & Reliable
C Easy to Assemble
C Linear & Repeatable Output
C Proven Cermet Resistor Technology
C Cursor control for computer display
C Directional control (Joy Stick Applications)
C Video Game Controllers
General Specifications
Resistance Value:
Resistor Tolerance:
±5% Standard
Resistor Matching:
Output Linearity:
Operating Temperature:
-20EC to +105EC
Output Characteristics
X,Y Axis
Z Axis
Cycle Life:
>8,000,000 cycles
Maximum Force:
How It Works
CTS strain gage resistors are fabricated with conventional
thick film on ceramic processes. However, the thick film
resistors are specially formulated to be sensitive to
mechanical stress. The series 106 pointing device
element is constructed with a square ceramic post. A
strain sensitive resistor is located on each of the four
sides of the post (north, south, east, and west). The
resistors are strategically located so that maximum stress
is realized when pressure is applied perpendicular or
parallel to the top of the post.
When the resistor is stressed from a horizontal (x-y axis)
direction, a repeatable change in resistance can be
detected. The resistance change associated with the
strain resistor is negative under compression, and positive
under tension. When the pointing stick is stressed in the
vertical (z axis) direction, all four resistors are in a
compression mode and result in a combined negative
resistance change. CTS’ patent pending construction
results in a linear geometric output that is resistant to
external stresses induced through the mounting surface.
When combined with the proper electronic interface, the
106 series 3DTrackStik is an ideal three axis motion
control device.
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