To 3.5” Hard Drive Converter

User Manual
User Manual
A-DATA XPG 3.5” SSD Enclosure
2.5” To 3.5” Hard Drive Converter
This 3.5” enclosure is for the use of two 2.5" SATA SSD or hard disks
mounted on one mini 3.5" form factor drive cage.
* Interface: SATA-I/II
* LED indication for Working and Failure.
* The dimensions match exactly as a standard 3.5" bay.
* Energy saving on using 2.5” SSD or HDD.
* For the use on desktop, server case, rack mount chassis that is
with 3.5” form factor space.
* Complies with SATA-I, SATA-II interface. Maximum transfer
rate up to 1.5Gbps for SATA-I and 3.0Gbps for SATA-II.
* SSD Auto Eject when you open the front cover.
* Aluminum material, best heat sink.
* Dimension: 148.2 x 101.7 x 25.8mm (L*W*H)
* Weight: 0.23 kg
User Manual
Accessory List:
3.5” Enclosure * 1
User Manual * 1
7 pin SATA Cable * 2
Screws Bag * 1 (With 4 screws)
Front Panel:
Picture A
A1 : SSD/HDD 0 Access LED (Green: working)
A2 : Power LED (Green: Power is on)
A3: SSD/HDD 1 Access LED (Green: working)
A4 : Upper cover & SSD/HDD extractor
A5 : Lower cover & SSD/HDD extractor
A6 : Upper SSD/HDD Safety Lock (Push rightward to open & push
leftward to lock)
User Manual
A7 : Push the rise high position to open the upper & lower cover
A8 : Lower SSD/HDD Safety Lock (Push rightward to open & push
leftward to lock)
Rear Panel:
B1 : SATA 15pin power connector
B2 : SATA 7pin data connector for SSD/HDD 0
B3 : SATA 7pin data connector for SSD/HDD 1
Safety Lock
Upper SSD/HDD Safety Lock & Lower SSD/HDD Safety Lock. Push
rightward to open & push leftward to lock. See Picture C.
Picture C
User Manual
SSD/HDD Installing:
Open the upper & lower cover and put the SSD/HDD into the cage.
You can install one SSD/HDD or two SSDs/HDDs.
Picture D
User Manual
Hardware Installation Procedures
Please follow below procedures to complete the hardware installation:
Open the package, take out the product, make sure the product is
brand new and all the necessary parts are included (Please check
with Accessory List).
If damage or shortage occurred, please contact your distributor
or where you bought.
2) Unlock the upper and lower covers (see picture C), push the lock
rightward and open the two covers and then, put the two 2.5"SATA
SSD/HDD into the box (See Picture D).
3) After both SSDs/HDDs installed, push both covers back like picture
C and then, push the lock button leftward to lock both covers to
secure the SSDs/HDDs inside properly.
4) Then, mount the 3.5” enclosure on the 3.5” space using the included
screws to mount it on the device (desktop, case… etc.) and make all
the cable connected properly and it is ready for use.
5) See the drawing of the two ways to mount the 3.5” enclosure on the
Device (See Picture E).
User Manual
Picture E
6) There are 2 ways to mount the 3.5”enclosure on the device:
-- Picture F-1) Mount it on the floppy drive bay
-- Picture F-2) Mount it inside the case
7) Connect the 3.5” enclosure with PC via 15pin SATA power cable
(from Power Supply) and 7pin SATA cable ( using included
cables).(See Picture F-3)
User Manual
Picture F-1
Picture F-2
Picture F-3
User Manual
Trouble Shooting
A) Why can’t I open the panel cover?
Please check the Safety Lock is at UNLOCK position.
B) Can I install or uninstall the Hard Drive anytime?
We suggest you to turn off PC before your installation.
C) Why can’t I see the Hard Drive in “My Computer” after I installed?
Please check the LED status. If the LED is green, it means
SSD/HDD is accessed. Then Please check if the SSD/HDD is
formatted or not.
D) Can I install SSD * 1 and HDD * 1, and work well?
Yes, it’ll work fine and the performance is depended on the
SSD/HDD that you installed.
User Manual
1. Hot-plug function depends on your PC system. Generally, internal
SATA device does not support hot-plug function. Some e-SATA
devices support but also depend on the motherboard driver.
If you are not clear that your PC system supports or not, please do
not change your SSD or HDD as the PC is working.
Or your PC may hang up or damage your storage device.
2. During file saving, please do not disconnect the storage device
even if your PC supports hot-plug.
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