ADATA SP900 Premier Pro 64GB SSD Installation Guide

SSD Installation Guide For Desktops
Step 1.
Before the installation commences, be sure to shut down your computer system
by disconnecting the power cord, or removing the battery from battery powered
Step 2. Please remove the outer casing of your computer (refer to computer owner's
manual), locate and identify the SATA connectors of your system. Please refer
to your computer system's user manual for information on how to remove the
existing hard drive.
Step 3. SATA cables of the motherboard should be connected to the SATA data and
power connectors on the solid state drive. Please be aware that the L-shaped
SATA connector can only fit in one direction. Before pressing them into
position, be sure to align the SATA plugs and solid state drive connectors
Step 4.The Solid State Drive can be securely mounted with the screws provided.
Step 5. After the installation completes, restore the outer casing to original position and
reconnect the power cord or battery.
Step 6. Switch on the computer system for the installation verification.