(IO-30112) (Rev.2 11/09)

Surge Protection for
Home and Office
Islatrol® SP Series – Surge Suppressor/Filter
User Manual – Islatrol® SP-6TVN and SP-6TN
Surge Protection
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IO-30112 Rev.2 11/09
Congratulations on purchasing the Islatrol® SP-6TVN/SP-6TN® multistage Industrial Strength Surge Suppressor with
Active Tracking Filter.
These instructions will insure your Islatrol® SP-6TVN/SP-6TN surge
suppressor is properly installed and functioning.
The Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN is designed to protect
120 Volt electronics with up to
15-amp current carrying capability. The Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN must be properly®
grounded to work. Ensure that any duplex receptacle used for the Islatrol
SP-6TVN/SP-6TN is properly grounded.
Step 1: Connecting the Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN to a Duplex
Remove the duplex receptacle mounting screw. If the duplex receptacle face plate
is metal, remove it otherwise leave in place.
Place the Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN and the duplex receptacle face
plate, (if
plastic) over the duplex receptacle. Insert the blades of the
Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN into the duplex receptacle. Tighten the
mounting screw.
When installed in a properly grounded receptacle, Islatrol SP6TVN/SP-6TN indicator light will be operational. If the indicator
light does not illuminate, it means the wall receptacle has an incorrect ground. Try the SP-6TVN/SP-6TN in a different®wall outlet. If it still doesn’t illuminate,
contact the office where you purchased your Islatrol SP-6TVN.
You can reposition the Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN receptacles on each side to provide
clearance for your power cords if needed and connect up to 15 amps of equipment load.
Step 2: Connecting your Video Electronics to the Islatrol SP-6TVN
Disconnect the video cable going to your home entertainment
system. Check to make sure that the small center wire inside the
video connection is straight, (not bent) and then connect it to the®
“IN” of one of the video suppressor connections on the Islatrol
Open one of the jumper wires that came with the
Islatrol® SP-6TVN. Connect one end to the “OUT” connection on the
Islatrol SP-6TVN and connect the other end to the original connection on the home entertainment equipment.
If you have a second video device to protect,
perform the same steps using the second
coaxial cable that came with your Islatrol SP-6TVN.
Step 3: Connecting your Telephone Electronics to the Islatrol
Disconnect the end of your telephone line where it comes out of
the wall. Connect it to one of the® “OUT” telephone port connections, (see diagram) on the Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN. (Note: Do not
use the data port for telephone line suppression). Connect one end
the telephone line patch cord that came with the Islatrol® SP6TVN/SP-6TN to the “IN” line connection on the Islatrol SP6TVN/SP-6TN. Connect the other end to the original wall outlet.
Step 4: Connecting
Network Electronics to
the Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN
Disconnect the end of your network line from ®your computer or
router. Plug the end of the line to the Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN
network connector ports marked “IN”. Connect one
end of the
network line patch cord that came with the
Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP®
6TN to the “OUT” connection on the Islatrol SP-6TVN. Connect the
other end to your computer or router.
Why the Islatrol® SP-6TVN/SP-6TN
Industrial Strength Surge
Suppressor with Active Tracking® Filter technology is Simply the Best
power protection for your home and office equipment…
Special Circuitry: The Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN multi-stage suppressor contains specialized circuitry to eliminate damage from surges.
Part of the circuitry is an internal fuse
that will open in the rare event the Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN is overloaded or exposed to
a high-energy surge beyond its capacity.
Indication: Although there is an indicator on the Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN to show if the
suppressor is functioning, often suppressors are hidden behind furniture and other objects that prevent you from seeing the indicator.
The Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN has a second method to inform you if the suppression fails.
The internal fuse will open and you will lose power to your electronics. In ®the rare event
this occurs, please contact the office where you purchased your Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP6TN regarding any warranty repair/return instructions.
Load size: You may plug up to a 15 amp device into the SP-6TVN/SP-6TN without overloading it.
Video: The Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN video protection consists of two modules—either is
suitable for satellite dish protection, cable TV, cable modems, and any other video device.
Telephone: The Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN telephone protection is designed for any telephone application such as modems, fax machines, pay-per-view, DSL and other phone
The Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN comes with a standard manufacturer’s limited warranty on
defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty provides repair or replacement® appliance coverage up to a limit. Contact the office where you purchased your Islatrol SP6TVN/SP-6TN for more information and warranty details.
If, in Step 1 and 2 on the previous page, the Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN indicator did not
1. Try ®plugging it into a different wall receptacle. If the light illuminates, then the Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN is operating properly and your first wall receptacle needs repair. Please contact an electrician to repair your receptacle.
2. If the Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN does not illuminate in a different receptacle:
a. Your building wiring may not contain a ground conductor. In this case,
the indicator
light will not illuminate but you will still have power out of the Islatrol SP-6TVN.
b. The Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN may have been damaged, please contact your
supplier for any warranty return/repair instructions.
On a very rare occasion, your protected
electronic appliance may not have power. This is
an indication that the Islatrol SP-6TVN/SP-6TN has been overloaded and the internal
fuse is damaged. In this case, please contact your supplier for any warranty repair/return instructions.
AC Power Protection
Phone Protection
Nominal Operating Voltage
Connection Type
Maximum Operating Voltage
Peak Surge Current
Rated Output
Modes of Protection
T-R, T-G, R-G
Mode of Protection
L-N, L-G, N-G
Peak Surge Current
Frequency Response
60dB Max
Video Protection (SP-6TVN ONLY)
Network Protection
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Connection Type
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Peak Surge Current
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Modes of Protection