AMD Radeon™Sky Series

Solution Overview
AMD Radeon™Sky Series
AMD Radeon™ Sky Series graphics and AMD RapidFire
technology deliver low latency, high performance gaming
experiences from the cloud to any device.
Key Features:
• Cloud gaming service providers
• Telecommunications providers
• On-demand media content providers
• Large data center service providers
• Casual
• Mainstream
• Advanced (AAA)
• High density performance (more streams, less hardware)
• Minimized latency and high game frame rates
• Maximize existing cloud infrastructure
and resources
AMD Radeon™ Sky Series graphics are
designed to support up to six independent HD game streams (720p), with
little to no latency at up to 30 frames
per second, allowing cloud gaming
providers to deliver high quality gaming
experiences to any device the gamer
chooses – desktop, TV, tablet, notebook
or smartphone.
Platform Partners:
• CiiNOW
• G-Cluster
• Otoy
• Ubitus
Cloud gaming is soaring to new heights. Designed
for powering intense and high quality 3D games
from the cloud, AMD Radeon™ Sky Series graphics
cards feature AMD’s award-winning Graphics
Core Next Architecture for spectacular gaming
performance and power efficiency. Equipped
with the latest technologies, such as PCI
Express® 3.0 support, DirectX® 11.1 support, AMD
RapidFire technology, and the incredibly efficient
AMD ZeroCore Power and AMD PowerTune
technologies, the sky’s the limit for cloud gaming.
High Density Performance
Each graphics card in the AMD Radeon™ Sky
Series family is capable of supporting up to six
simultaneous game streams at once.1 With
AMD Radeon™ Sky Series cloud gaming service
providers can maximize existing infrastructure
and resources to support even more simultaneous
game streams, from casual games to AAA titles.
High Quality Graphics
With AMD Radeon™ Sky Series graphics, quality is
never compromised for quantity. Each one of
six simultaneous game streams can support up to
30 frames per second.1 In addition to latency-fee
streaming, users can play their favorite games
at full HD resolution (720p) without impacting
game performance.
AMD RapidFire Technology
When it comes to AMD Radeon™ Sky series
graphics for cloud gaming, our secret sauce is
AMD RapidFire technology. It’s a combination of
software and hardware that enables a superior
cloud gaming solution and experience.
First, AMD RapidFire technology offers service
providers a unique and simple cloud gaming
software API that enables easy integration that
helps shorten development time while providing
access and versatility to key elements of AMD
technology for the cloud. This allows providers
to enhance the overall cloud gaming experience
for gamers, and aligns with AMD’s commitment
to industry standard APIs, like OpenCL™, DirectX®
and OpenGL. An industry standard API for cloud
gaming can help to unite the industry around one
platform and drive continued innovations that
benefit the industry at large.
Another key element of AMD RapidFire
technology is the Video Compression Engine
(VCE). It enables lightning fast compression
and transmission, optimizing total network
bandwidth to ensure every gamer has a
seamless, low latency experience.
Last but not least, with AMD RapidFire
technology AMD is working to improve
virtualization capabilities that will provide
greater density and more simultaneous game
streams from a single server.
AMD Radeon™ Advantage
Raise the settings, increase the resolution and
play your favorite games. Gamers streaming
from the cloud can achieve the full AMD Radeon™
gaming experience they’ve come to know and
love on their desktops on any device they choose,
from anywhere.
All AMD Radeon™ graphics cards based on AMD’s new Graphics Core
Next Architecture support DirectX® 11.1 today, including AMD Radeon™
Sky Series graphics, for an unrivaled gamine experience on the latest
games. Our graphics cards support all 10 of the key technologies
featured in DirectX 11.1, unlike competing cards that only support four
of the 10 key technologies included in the standard.
AMD Radeon™ Sky Series Graphics are backed by the same AMD
Catalyst™ drivers found on discrete AMD Radeon™ HD graphics cards.
Gaming providers will receive regular driver updates and could see
double digit performance improvements over a product’s lifetime.
With each driver release new games and features are supported,
helping game performance get better and better for users.
Energy Efficient Design
11 | Unified in Gaming | AMD Press Event | March 26, 2013
AMD Radeon™ Sky Series cloud gaming cards feature intelligent
power monitoring and management technologies. AMD PowerTune
technology enables higher clock speeds and better game
Radeon™ Sky
Radeon™ Sky
Radeon™ Sky
Thermal Solution Core Clock Speed
performance, and AMD ZeroCore Power technology allows the GPU to
consume virtually no power when in idle state.2
Memory Bandwidth
Bus Interface
AMD RapidFire
AMD PowerTune
AMD ZeroCore
Power Technology2
Full Height/
Full Length,
825 Mhz
480 GB/s
PCIe® 3.0, x16
Full Height/
Full Length,
900 Mhz
264 GB/s
PCIe® 3.0, x16
Full Height/
Full Length,
950 Mhz
154 GB/s
PCIe® 3.0, x16
Committed to Gaming
AMD is committed to several options that will enable ubiquitous gaming across multiple platforms. To further reinforce its position as an
industry-leading graphics provider, AMD plans to focus on four critical areas as part of its Unified Gaming Strategy.
Continue ground-breaking work with game developers to
ensure the greatest games are optimized to play on the
greatest hardware, AMD Radeon™ graphics
Collaborate with console developers to evolve and improve
the console experience for both gamers and game developers
Extend the limits of online gaming through technology
partnerships with companies like CiiNOW, enabling game
publishers, retailers and telecom carriers to tap into the
growing online video game market, ultimately providing
greater choice for casual to advanced gamers
Deliver cutting-edge graphics technology that ultimately
sets the foundation for driving the best gaming experiences,
regardless of the platform
1 Test conducted at AMD measuring the ability of a Colfax CX 1250-N4 1U rack mount server with Ciinow Cumulus Cloud Services version 2.0 running on an AMD Opteron™ 6380 16 core Server processor with one AMD Radeon Sky Series model 700, 32GB RAM,
video driver to stream to games simultaneously. At 60 fps and 720p resolution, 3 streams were achieved; at 30fps and 720p, 6 streams were achieved. 3 games: LEGO® Batman™, Harry Potter™ Years 1-4, and Devil May Cry; 6 games: Trine, LEGO®
Batman™, LEGO® Harry Potter™ Years 1-4 and Years 507, Far Cry 3, CardBoard Castle. FP-77
AMD PowerTune and AMD ZeroCore Power are technologies offered by certain AMD Radeon™ products, which are designed to intelligently manage GPU power consumption in response to certain GPU load conditions. Boost clockspeeds via AMD PowerTune (if applicable) may vary by application, system temperature and/
or user system configuration. Not all products feature all technologies – check with your component or system manufacturer for specific model capabilities.
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