AMD Geode™ LX EPIC Reference Design Kit

AMD Geode™ LX EPIC Reference Design Kit
High-Performance, Low-Power PC/104 Solution
EPIC design gets you
to market quickly with
industry-standard form factor
Product Overview
The AMD Geode™ LX EPIC Reference Design Kit (RDK)
gives you a complete system design so you can get to
market quickly with high-performance, low-power systems
for x86 embedded applications. This RDK helps you
respond quickly to high-growth markets and develop/design
highly efficient products that leverage PC/104 standards.
EPIC stands for Embedded Platform for Industrial
Computing – which provides a complete computer built on
a single circuit board that has multiple I/O options and plugand-play adaptability for hundreds of PC/104, PC/104-Plus,
and PCI/104 cards.
Small Form Factor
with Rich Features
The EPIC is a small but feature-rich form factor, and is a
widely accepted standard that delivers design flexibility,
compatibility with all PC/104 modules, and multiple I/O options.
Board complexity is reduced by the high integration of the
Geode LX and CS5536 I/O Companion along with optimized
memory design. This allows for a full-feature 6-layer EPIC
design on a single card with dimensions measuring
115mm x 165mm.
The AMD Geode LX EPIC RDK is powered by an
AMD Geode™ LX processor that provides full compatibility
with available x86 instruction sets and multiple operating
systems. The Single Board Computer is complemented by the
AMD Geode CS5536 companion device, which provides general
I/O support including USB 2.0, audio, and ATA 100.
Complete Lead-Free Design,
Six-Layer Technology
The AMD Geode LX EPIC RDK is designed and produced to meet
the latest international standards for lead-free components, so you
can leverage the design with confidence that it is future proof.
The AMD Commitment
to Low-Power x86
All Geode RDKs and other advanced development tools demonstrate
the AMD commitment to low-power, customer-focused solutions
for the ever-growing x86 marketplace. AMD strives to develop
technologies and products that enable you to shorten design cycles
and move to market quickly with high-performance embedded
x86 products.
Application Markets
This RDK solution is a ready-to-go design for:
• Single Board Computers
• Rugged Industrial Applications
• Data Acquisition
• Video Processing
• Telecommunications
• Edge Communication Devices
• Instrumentation
• Point-of-Sale
AMD Geode™ LX EPIC Reference Design Kit
Primary Product Features
• CPU – Geode™ LX [email protected]*
or LX [email protected]** Processor
• AMD Geode CS5536 Companion Device
• EPIC Form Factor
– 115mm x 165mm (4.5" x 6.5")
– 6-layer board design
• PC/104 and PC/104-Plus Stackable Expansion
• Power
– 10-pin mini-ATX power connector
– 3.3v PCI bus
– ISA bus
• PCI/ISA bridge support
– 3.3v PCI bus for PCI/104
– Advanced Power Management
– Battery support
• Onboard coin battery for RTC
• 3rd-party power supply with builtin DC-DC and battery
• Dual 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45)
– PCI power management
– Wake on LAN
• 64-bit DDR SDRAM
– 1x SODIMM slot (2GB max)
• DDR400 or DDR333
• Power saving unterminated topology
• Audio
• OS Support
– 2-channel
– Microsoft® Windows® XP and XPe
– 3.5mm input and output
– Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
• Super I/O
• Display
– Linux 2.6
– VGA (up to [email protected])
– RS232 serial interface
– LVDS (up to [email protected])
– IEEE1284 parallel interface
Product Support
– PS2 keyboard and mouse
This complete solution includes
schematics, layout, and full documentation.
Full integration with AMD Geode
Solutions technologies, low-power
requirements, and design flexibility help
reduce costly time-to-market and enable
more effective, efficient embedded designs.
• Hard Disk Drive
– Standard IDE ATA 100 interface
– Digital PWM
• One Mini-PCI Slot
– 5V Digital I/O (8 bits)
• High-Speed Data Port
– Analog I/O (6-channel)
– Utilize VIP port for isochronous capture
– SPI Flash interface
• RS422/RS485
• System ROM
• 3V PWM and Digital I/O
– 8MB SPI Flash
• Hardware Watchdog Timer
• USB 2.0 High-Speed
• JTAG Debug Interface (FS2 compatible)
– 4x USB 2.0 ports
– 1x USB port configurable as client
*This processor operates at 500MHz. Model numbers reflect
performance as described here:
**This processor operates at 433MHz. Model numbers reflect
performance as described here:
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