AMD FirePro™ W600

AMD FirePro W600
High display density, multimedia performance and
energy efficiency for multi-monitor display walls.
Key Features:
>> S
upport up to six displays or projectors,
with multi-stream audio capability1
>> Projector overlap support for up to six
projectors, with bezel compensation
>> Six mini DisplayPort outputs,
DisplayPort 1.2 support
>> Maximum DisplayPort 1.2 resolution of
4096 x 2160, 30 bits per pixel at 60Hz,
>> 2GB GDDR5 graphics memory
>> Decode dual HD video streams
>> PCIe® 3.0 x16 bus, PCIe® 3.0 compliant
>> 75W maximum power consumption
>> Active cooling solution
>> AMD PowerTune technology dynamically
optimizes GPU power usage
>> AMD ZeroCore Power technology
reduces power consumption at idle
>> Minimum four year planned lifecycle,
three year limited warranty
AMD FirePro™ W600 is the most powerful solution
available for configuring multi-screen display walls—
no other single-slot professional graphics card is
capable of driving up to six displays (with
independent audio streams), features the latest
graphics memory technology for exceptional
multimedia performance and only consumes 75W
maximum power.2
You can find them on tradeshow floors, in restaurants,
in corporate conference rooms, in command and
control centers and in amusement parks. Thanks to
emerging technologies and decreasing display costs,
more corporations, event venues, broadcast studios,
department stores and other locations are turning to multi-display configurations that bring together vivid
imagery, video, animations and information designed to attract, inform, influence and engage audiences.
AMD FirePro™ W600 is the ideal professional graphics product to power multi-screen display walls designed
for Entertainment & Events (e.g. concerts, sports events, stage productions, etc.) and for Collaborative
Environments (e.g. corporate video conferencing, command and control centers, convention centers, etc.),
and other segments of the digital signage market. Each AMD FirePro™ W600 features 2GB of GDDR5
memory, the latest memory technology designed specifically for graphics architectures, and is capable of
supporting real-time 2D and 3D high resolution images, animations, 3D content and live/prerecorded video
(HD and SD) with exceptional visual quality.
To meet the widest assortment of display wall configurations,
AMD FirePro™ W600 graphics cards:
• F eature six Mini DisplayPort outputs for high display density and deployment flexibility
• S
upport multi-stream audio for more immersive surround sound experiences – ideal for video
conferencing with multiple participants in dispersed locations
• F
eature a PCIe® 3.0 compliant x16 interface, offering up to 8 GB/s of interconnect bandwidth
• Combine multiple AMD FirePro W600 graphics cards to drive 12 or more displays1
• Is compatible with display wall applications from leading ISVs, including Mitsubishi Electric, Ventuz
and Vizrt, that can take advantage of two or more graphics cards in a system to display a mix of content or
a single large image across multiple displays3
• Support for two simultaneous HD video streams via AMD Unified Video Decoder– a flexible video playback
engine featuring comprehensive video format support
Feature a full height/half length form factor that can be easily deployed in a range of computing systems,
from small form factor desktops to large tower workstations
AMD FirePro W600
AMD FirePro™ W600 professional graphics is an ideal solution for
enabling multi-screen display walls designed to attract, inform and
engage audiences or foster collaborative interaction and decision
making. Such configurations include:
A dvertising & Point-of-Sale (e.g. digital billboards, posters and
digital menus)
Command & Control, Operations or Process Control Centers
(e.g. utilities, emergency services, security)
Conferences & Presentations (e.g. auditoriums, convention centers,
conference rooms)
Entertainment/Infotainment & Events (e.g. sports arenas, movie theaters,
Informational Displays
Simulation & Training (e.g. flight, automobile or ship’s bridge simulators)
Video Conferencing
AMD FirePro™ W600 is the powerful, flexible and affordable multi-display
professional graphics product the display wall market has been waiting
for–offering the lowest TCO for powering display walls comprised of six
screens,4 high display density and long-lasting, high quality multimedia
High Display Density
Combine multiple AMD FirePro W600 graphics cards and
drive 12 or more displays¹
DisplayPort 1.2 Support
Delivers high bit rate audio, higher data bandwidth
and multi-streaming audio capabilities
Projector Overlap Support
Seamlessly display projections from up to six projectors
Bezel Compensation
Stretches display resolutions to prevent bezel interference
and image distortion when displaying
a single large image across multiple displays
Low Power Consumption
Enables deployment in smaller, more energy
efficient systems
No additional PCIe® power connectors required
AMD PowerTune Technology
State-of-the-art power management technology
provides direct control over GPU power usage
AMD ZeroCore Power Technology
Helps to reduce GPU power consumption at idle
by up to 95%5
2GB GDDR5, specifically designed for graphics architectures
Output Connectivity
Display Outputs
Six Mini DisplayPort
Display Adapters
The following adapters are sold separately:
Six Mini DisplayPort to Single-link DVI adapters (active), part
# 199-999440
Single Mini DisplayPort to Dual-link DVI adapter (active), part
# 199-999322
Single Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter (passive), part
# 199-999365
Maximum Resolution
4096 x 2160, 30 bits per pixel at 60Hz, per with
DisplayPort 1.2
2560 x 1600 with Dual-link DVI
1920 x 1200 with Single-link DVI
Industry Standards and OS Support
Mini DisplayPort to Single-link
DVI Active Adapter Kit
(sold separately)
OS Support
Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows 8 or Linux® 6
(32-bit or 64-bit)
Power/Thermal Solution/Form Factor
Maximum Power Consumption
Form Factor
Full Height, Half Length
Bus Interface
PCIe® 3.0 compliant, x16
Additional Details
System Requirements
> Single PCIe® x16 lane; 3.0 for optimal performance
> 256MB system memory
> Internet access for software installation
> 350 watt or greater power supply with 75 watts available
for the graphics adapter
> Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows 8 or
Linux® 6 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Retail Package Contents
> AMD FirePro™ W600 graphics card
Warranty and Support
> Three year limited product repair / replacement warranty
> Direct toll free phone and email access to dedicated
workstation technical support team7
> Advanced parts replacement option
Regulatory Compliance
For more information,
MD Eyefinity technology supports up to six DisplayPort™ monitors on an enabled graphics card. Supported display quantity, type and resolution vary by model and board design; confirm specifications with
manufacturer before purchase. To enable more than two displays, or multiple displays from a single output, additional hardware such as DisplayPort-ready monitors or DisplayPort 1.2 MST-enabled hubs may be
required. Maximum two active adapters supported. See for full details.
MD FirePro™ W600 is a single-slot solution featuring 2GB GDDR5 memory, multi-stream audio support and six Mini DisplayPort outputs, compared to the single-slot Maxtox M-9188 with eight Mini DisplayPort
outputs and 1G or 2GB of DDR2 memory, consuming 75W maximum power. As of January 2013, Matrox does not offer any product with GDDR5 memory that supports DisplayPort 1.2 and multi-stream audio
support, and Nvidia does not offer a single-slot solution capable of driving six or more displays without DisplayPort 1.2 MST hubs. FP-26
Multi-GPU SLS support planned for a future driver release
MD FirePro™ W600 features six display outputs, consumes 75W max power and costs $599 USD (MSRP), compared to Matrox M-9188 with eight display outputs, consumes 75W max power and costs
$1,699.99. Nvidia customers must purchase two cards to drive more than four displays. A Quadro K2000 features three display outputs and can support up to four displays max when DisplayPort 1.2 enabled
MST hubs are used, consumes 51W maximum power and costs $419.99. Total card purchase price of $839.98, plus combined 101W total power consumption. Matrox and Nvidia pricing per www.bhphotovideo.
com and on 5/28/13. FP-23
esults based on internal measurements of AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 with AMD ZeroCore Power technology enabled and AMD Radeon™ HD 6970 comparing ASIC power consumption in “long idle” state (PC
display turned off after a long period of relative inactivity and lack of user input). GRDT-11
Linux® drivers can be downloaded from
Toll free hotline available in U.S. and Canada.
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