165 Series - BI Technologies

Custom Hybrid
Military Grade
Hybrid microcircuits offer a reliable, cost effective
alternative to larger and heavier circuit boards and to
the costly design effort and implementation of a custom
IC. Hybrids also offer the advantage of a much broader
combination of components and resistor technologies.
Generally, a circuit board schematic can be directly
converted to hybrid technology with little or no change
in component selection.
The implementation of a custom hybrid requires a
partnership between the customer and BI. A project
engineer and a program manager work with you
throughout the design and manufacturing cycle.
BI specialist will assist in proper package and process
selection to meet your environmental requirements.
Our design engineers will develop a CAD layout design
and the documents required for proper
Our quality assurance personnel will develop
appropriate inspection and qualification plans.
Our hybrids consist of a ceramic substrate on which
multiple layers of gold conductors, resistive inks and
insulative materials are screened. Components are then
epoxy mounted to the substrate. Semiconductors are
wire bonded with gold and aluminum bonds. The
substrate is then placed into a package and affixed with
an epoxy preform. The package is sealed, marked and
subjected to various environmental screens as required
to meet customer specifications. All parts are 100%
electrically tested over the operating temperature range
using our custom automated test system.
The microcircuit quality, engineering and manufacturing
systems are certified to QS 9000 and have has been
listed on the QML-38534 since 1989 for custom
Fully customized circuit and package
Wide package variety
Thick film and thin film technology
QML-38534 listed
Reduced package size
Improved circuit performance
Improved reliability
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Analog signal conditioning
Instrumentation amplifiers
Power amplifiers
Data acquisition
Data convertors
Line driver/receiver
Analog switching
DC/DC convertors
Model 165
Thick Film Resistors
Absolute Accuracy
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance Tracking
to 0.5%
±50ppm/°C to ±200ppm/°C
Thin Film Resistors
Absolute Accuracy
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance Tracking
Operating Temperature Range
Functional Trimming
to 0.1%
±5ppm/°C to ±50ppm/°C
-55°C to +125°C
Circuit accuracies can be tightened on
certain parameters by performing active
functional trimming on resistor elements
Semiconductor Components
Integrated Circuits
Other Components
All transistors & diodes in die form
IC or ASIC in die form
Ceramic chip, tantalum chip and bondable MOS capacitors
Wide range of components including inductors, transformers, crystals, etc
Interconnect Layers
Interconnect Material
Die Attach
Package Construction
Alumina (beryllia also available)
1 to 6
Gold or palladium silver
Epoxy (solder, eutectic also available)
Metal with glass insulated feedthroughs and cofired ceramic
Package Size
Package types
Package configurations
A wide variety of custom packaging from 0.25" to 3.0" on a side
Metal (seam weld), metal (solder seal), ceramic (seam weld),ceramic
(solder seal), ceramic (epoxy seal) and polymer encapsulated (PEP)
SIP, DIP, Plug-in (platform or sidewall),Planar (flatpack) and LCC
Model 165
ISO 9001, QS 9000, QML-38534
During the proposal phase, a customer interface will be set up to develop and price alternate design approaches.
A schematic with basic dimensional and environmental requirements are sufficient at this stage.
Environmental screens include, but are not limited to MIL-STD-883 such as: leak test, centrifuge, temperature cycling,
burn-in and stabilization bake.
Model 165