FPC150A075 - Faraday Technology

• Suitable for 1.5 Gb/s or 540 Mb/s operation
• Robust construction
• Simulates up to 150 metres of Belden 8281
• Cross reference to other cables
• Known, accurate loss vs frequency characteristic
• >15 dB return loss to 750 MHz
• Resolution down to 10 metres of Belden 8281
• Shielded metal case size
• Convenient, patchable cable lengths
• 75 ohm Female BNC’s
In bit-serial digital coaxial interfaces for HDTV component signal data rates of 1.5 Gb/s are common. It is known that
a signal adhering to SMPTE 292M will ensure correct operation of automatic cable equalisers provided a coaxial cable
with a 1/ f frequency response from 1 MHz to the clock frequency is used.
The Faraday HDTV cable clone has a known, accurate loss vs frequency characteristic against cable over the
significant frequency spectrum of the serial digital signal. It can therefore be used as a more convenient substitute for
actual cable when installing or testing HDTV serial digital equipment to ensure sufficient margin (head room) is
available, or to establish the maximum length of cable over which the serial digital signal will remain usable. The
individual cable lengths may be patched together to simulate a maximum length of 150 metres. The use of switches
has been avoided as they introduce unacceptable errors into the simulation.
Order code
Cable type
Cable lengths simulated
75 ohms
Belden 8281 (cross reference for BBC PSF 1/2M, 1/3M and RG59)
10m + 20m + 40m + 80m
Amplitude variation wrt 8281
10m section
20m section
40m section
80m section
300 kHz to 750 MHz
< 1 dB
< 1 dB
< 1 dB
< 1 dB
< 4 dB
Return loss to 750 MHz
> 15 dB
300 kHz to 1.5 GHz
< 2 dB
< 2 dB
< 4 dB
< 4 dB
< 10 dB
Other cable types and lengths may be simulated, please contact Faraday for availability.
© Faraday Technology. As part of continual product improvement the specifications, details and dimensions shown in this publication are subject to change without notice
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