EDB9315A Product Bulletin

EDB9315A Platform Supports
• EP9315 processor
• Linux and Microsoft Windows WinCE
5.0 Operating Systems
• 64 MB of SDRAM
• 16 MB of Flash memory
• IDE Interface
• Serial EEPROM interface
• 2D graphics accelerator
• Video Raster / LCD interface to provide
data and interface signals for a variety
of display types
• Four-wire touchscreen interface
• Supports analog VGA connection
• Two full-speed USB host connections
• USB 2.0 High Speed device
(via external chip)
• Three UARTs (one with DB9 connector
and two attached to 5x2 headers)
• Two channel 24-bit audio output
• 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
• Memory bus and peripheral bus
expansion connectors
Embedded Processor Development System
for EP9315 and EP9312
Feature-Rich Embedded Processor with
Integrated IDE and Ethernet
The EDB9315A provides design engineers
with a complete kit – hardware, software,
and drivers – and is optimized for use with
the impressive selection of peripherals
integrated on the EP9315 ARM9-based
embedded processor from Cirrus Logic.
By fully leveraging this complete system
environment, designers can reduce
development costs and accelerate time
to market.
EDB9315A Key Features
• A complete Linux® Operating System
with drivers (source code included)
• BSP for Microsoft ® Windows®
WinCE 5.0 Operating Systems with
drivers included
• Full-featured EP9315-based development
board with generous peripheral selection
• Evaluation copies of popular tools
• Schematics and Gerbers
This development system is ideal for highperformance applications that require a
powerful user-interface and cost-reduction
through a high level of chip integration.
• Power supply, cables and documentation
The EP9315 features include a hardware
floating point unit, 10/100 Ethernet,
IDE mass storage interface, and three
USB host connections – two of which are
brought out on the board. Additionally,
the EP9315 features a 2D graphics
accelerator, integrated LCD controller,
touchscreen, and high-quality audio to
enable easy to use products with vibrant
multi-media capabilities.
Applications such as point-of-sale terminals,
industrial controls, digital media servers,
jukeboxes, telematic control systems, thin
clients, set-top boxes, biometric security
systems, and GPS devices will benefit
from the system’s integrated architecture
and advanced features.
• Expansion connectors
C i r r u s L o g i c , I n c . · 2 9 0 1 V i a F o r t u n a · A u s t i n T X 7 8 74 6 U S A · T 5 1 2 - 8 5 1 - 4 0 0 0 · T 8 0 0 - 8 8 8 - 5 0 1 6 · F 5 1 2 - 8 5 1 - 4 9 7 7
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