CS5381 Product Bulletin

New ADC Delivers Flagship Audio Performance
Provides 120 dB Dynamic Range, -110 THD+N at Very Competitive Price
CS5381 Features
Advanced multi-bit ∆Σ architecture
24-bit conversion
System sampling rates up to 192 kHz
DVD Audio compatible
120 dB dynamic range
-110 dB THD+N
5 V analog power supply
3-5 V digital power supply
Supports logic levels between 5 and 2.5 V
315 mW power consumption
High pass filter or DC offset calibration
Differential analog architecture
Linear phase digital anti-alias filtering
Supports Master or Slave mode operation
Pin-compatible with the CS5361 and CS5351
Available in 24-pin TSSOP/SOIC
CS5381 price: $14.95 (1K)
Digital mixing consoles
Multi-track recording systems
Effects processors
Outboard converters
A/V receivers
DVD recorders
The CS5381 analog-to-digital converter is ideal for designers who
need to deliver premium audio performance at a competitive price.
Starting at an unrivaled offering of $14.95 in quantities as low as
1,000 units, this ADC is ideal for demanding applications such as
digital mixing consoles, multi-track recording systems, A/V
receivers, and DVD recorders, which all require wide dynamic range,
negligible distortion, and the best sound quality available.
The CS5381 uses a 5th-order, multi-bit ∆Σ modulator along with
digital filtering and decimation to eliminate the need for an external
anti-alias filter. The CS5381 features a differential architecture that
provides excellent noise rejection and performs sampling, analog-todigital conversion and anti-alias filtering, generating 24-bit values for
both left and right inputs in serial form at sample rates up to 200 kHz
per channel.
Power consumption of a mere 315 mW is less than half of
competing solutions and can simplify the design for systems that
use multiple devices. Also, this ADC is pin-compatible with the
CS5361 and CS5351, so current Cirrus customers can upgrade
product performance with no need to modify their existing board
Actual Size
The CS5381 sets a new standard for price/performance, so flagship
sound quality and analog performance no longer cost a fortune!
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