Heavy Duty CFM Thermo-Anemometer

Heavy Duty CFM Thermo-Anemometer
Large vane for higher airflow ranges
• Display Air Flow (CFM) or Air Velocity plus
Temperature simultaneously
• High resolution of 0.01 m/s
• Air Flow displayed in 3 modes as an instantaneous value,
up to 20 point average or 2/3 flow value
• Super large (9999 count) LCD display
• 2% velocity accuracy via low friction 2.83"D (72mm) ball
bearing vane wheel on 3.9ft (120cm) cable
• Accurate temperature measurements to 1.5°F/0.8°C
• Record/Recall MIN, MAX readings
• Data Hold plus Auto Power off
• 9V battery power or optional AC adaptor
• Dimensions: 7x2.9x1.3" (178x74x33mm);
Weight: 1.6 lbs (0.7kg)
• Built-in RS-232 PC serial interface with optional
Data Acquisition software and datalogger
• Complete with vane sensor with 3.9ft (120cm) cable,
9V battery and protective rubber holster with stand
Hard Vinyl
Carrying Case
PC Software
• Air Velocity ranges:
80 to 4930 ft/min
0.9 to 56.0 MPH
0.8 to 48.6 knots
0.40 to 25.00 m/s
1.4 to 90.0 km/h
• Temperature Ranges:
32.0 to 122.0°F
0.0 to 50.0°C
• Air Flow Ranges:
0 to 999,900 CFM (ft3/min)
0 to 999,900 CMM (m3/min)
Ordering Information:
407114 ............Heavy Duty CFM Thermo-Anemometer
407114-NIST ..Heavy Duty CFM Thermo-Anemometer w/NIST Certificate
156119 ............117 VAC Adaptor
156221 ............220 VAC Adaptor
409997 ............Soft Vinyl Pouch Carrying Case
140001 ............Hard Vinyl Carrying Case with handle
407001 ............Data Acquisition program and cable
380340 ............Battery Operated Datalogger Module
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